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  Women in Combat  My research topic will be women in com

  Women in Combat  My research topic will be women in com

  Women in Combat  My research topic will be women in combat.  I will collect data from different sites about women serving in combat units and their specific roles in military.  I will also look what prices women have to pay when in combat. Annotated Bibliography1.  Peñaloza, Q. L. (2013, March 18). Women In Combat, And The Price They Pay. Retrieved May 03, 2013, from  This article is titled as , “Women In Combat, And The Price They Pay”, written by Quil Lawrencea And Marisa Peñaloza Quil Lawrence is the veterans correspondent for NPR News, covering the millions of Americans who deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan as they transition to life back at home. He has relevance to this subject throughout his life he has always remained close to borders and lifestyle at the borders of different countries. Another author is Marisa Peñaloza , who is a senior producer on the National Desk. She was awarded for her brilliant signatures pieces heard on NPR’s award-winning newsmagazines Morning Edition, All Things Considered and Weekend Edition. She has been concerned with this topic because she has covered a wide array of topics, from hurricanes, education, immigration, politics and the economy to homeland security and litigation. The source intended audience is all the women who have been debating the role of women in combat. 2.  Frum, D. (2013, Match 01). The Truth About Women in Combat. Retrieved on May 03, 2013, from  This is an article with title,” The Truth About Women in Combat”, written by David Frum. The author is a contributing editor at Newsweek and The Daily Beast and a CNN contributor. The intended audience for this article is women who wanted to join military but before that wanted to know the facts about women in combat.  This citation is related with the above citation because the above citation talks about the price women have to pay in combat and this just illustrates what are the facts that cause them to pay hard in combats. This topic is the perfect selection for gathering different facts on women in combat. 3.  Congress called on to fix women in combat problem. (2013, March 29). Retrieved on May 02, 2013, from  This is article with title, Congress called on to fix women in combat problem.  The article has audience who wanted to know what gender discrimination a woman faces in combats and how congress will fix these issues.  This citation is related with the first citation because first citation talks about issues that women have to face and the current citation recognize the solutions that will be carried by congress to solve the issues. With the help of these solutions, Congress can help all women from the damaging impact of social experimentation the U.S. military.4.  Lisa Grossman. (2013, April 10). The right to fight: Studies support women’s ability to handle combat. Retrieved on May 03, 2013, from–tms–premhnstr–k-i20130410-20130410,0,4930685.story  This is article, “The right to fight: Studies support women’s ability to handle combat” written by Lisa Grossman. The author works in the New Scientist MagazinePremium Health News Service. This article explains, can women cope with combat?  This article can be beneficial for those who wanted to measure the physical strength of women who are compassionate for close-quarter combat. This article is connected with the third article that talks about congress action for solutions but congress can also reach solutions only after conducting research from women in the U.S. military who’ve found themselves in front-line action.  5.  G.S. Newbold, L. G. (2013, March 14). Seven Myths About “Women in Combat”. Retrieved on May 03, 2013, from  This article is titled, Seven Myths About “Women in Combat”, written by G.S. Newbold. The author is Lieutenant General, USMC (Ret.). He was concerned with this topic because he himself belongs to military and aware of all the facts and myths related to the women in combat. The intended audience for this article is those women who wanted to join military but are scared of some information. The topic selected is related to the second article because it is totally opposite to that. Second article covers all the truth about women in combat and this article covers all the myths related to the women in combat. This article helps us to broaden our mind on this topic and make us understand that some information derived is just myth not truth. Researched Argument Rough DraftThe final draft of your essay should meet the following guidelines:is between 900 and 1200 words in length;includes direct quotations and paraphrased passages from four or more scholarly texts representing more than one side of the issue;qualifies each of the authors (authors representing each side of the debate should have compatible credibility);withholds personal opinion until the conclusion of the essay;is written clearly, concisely, and accurately;is written primarily in third-person;is formatted in APA style and includes a References page;has been closely edited so that it contains few or no mechanical errors.Researched Argument Checklist:.As you go work on your essay, the following questions should help to keep you on track. It may be beneficial to have someone read your essay and help you answer them.How does this essay meet the assignment criteria?Does this essay treat both sides of the argument equally and fairly?What is the purpose of this essay to be? What does it do to meet that purpose? How effective is the argument? Does this essay avoid second person language and limit first person language?Are there elements of pathos, ethos, and logos in this essay. Do these appeals work together to propose a solution?Does the essay avoid logical fallacy in the reasoning behind the solution?

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