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          In Chapter 2 of the textbook, theauthor d

          In Chapter 2 of the textbook, theauthor d

          In Chapter 2 of the textbook, theauthor describes meanings for the concept of socio-economic class and analyzes howperceptions of justice may be influenced by class distinctions in Americansociety (see Section 2.4). He also references the related views of twoprovocative and thought-provoking contemporary scholars. Robert H. Frankprovides an economic analysis, and Charles Murray offers a socio-culturalinterpretation. In this discussion, you will summarize the perspective of oneof these scholars and evaluate its relevance to understanding how classinfluences beliefs about justice. Review the questions below and select one(only one) of these scholars as the focus of your initial post.Robert H. Frank.     Debates about distributive justice among economic classes often     characterize the outlook of the rich as libertarian, the views of the poor     as egalitarian, and the perspective of the middle-class as utilitarian.     This over-simplified framework may translate into conflicting ideologies     about the role of government in achieving economic justice. On one extreme     are libertarian proponents of the free market and on the other extreme are     egalitarian proponents of socialism. In the middle are a variety of     “mixed” approaches to the role of government in the economy that promote     utilitarian concepts of distributive justice – the greatest good for the     greatest possible number of people.          Cornell University economist Robert Frank, in his recent provocative book,     The Darwin Economy: Liberty, Competition, and the Common Good,     rejects – but not completely – both the libertarian and egalitarian     extremes. Instead, he advocates a new role for government that encourages     individuals toward self-interested economic behavior that also advances     the economic welfare of all members of the community.          In your initial post, summarize Frank’s arguments – both his criticism of     the libertarian and egalitarian extremes. Then, analyze his proposals on     how to achieve greater economic justice for the whole community. Finally,     evaluate the relevance or usefulness of his views for understanding how     economic class differences may influence perceptions of distributive     justice. Do you think his views may be appreciated as just by rich people?     Poor people? Middle-class people? Explain your conclusion.          To help you successfully complete this discussion, review the following     resources in the order they are listed:   Darwin, the market whiz   Robert Frank on ‘the Darwin economy’        Robert Frank: ‘The Darwin economy: Liberty,      competition, and the common good’ [Radio broadcast] Charles Murray.     Commutative justice rests on a shared understanding of the rights     and responsibilities of all parties to the basic social contract that     holds a society together. On one level, the U.S. Constitution might be characterized     as part of the social contract on which the American political system is     based. But on a deeper, more fundamental, level, the social contract     includes shared values which shape our expectations of others and     ourselves with respect to morality, culture, self-reliance, and collective     responsibility.          Charles Murray, a political scientist at the conservative American     Enterprise Institute, calls into question the relevance of the social     contract which he sees as the source of “the founding virtues” on which     American civic life depends. In his recent provocative book, Coming     Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010, he argues that “Our     nation is coming apart at the seams” – “not ethnic seams, but the seams of     class” (Confessore, 2012). He focuses on what he sees as the social and     moral collapse of the white working class and the growing cultural gap     between them and the white upper class.          In your initial post, summarize Murray’s description of the white working     class and the white upper class. Also, analyze the basis for his     pessimistic outlook about government’s ability to solve this problem and     re-invigorate America’s social contract. Finally, evaluate the relevance     or usefulness of his views for understanding how socio-economic class     differences may influence perceptions of commutative justice. Do the white     working class and the white upper class no longer have a shared     understanding of the rights and responsibilities of the basic social     contract? Explain your conclusion.          To help you successfully complete this discussion, review the following     resources in the order they are listed:   Tramps like them: Charles Murray examines the white      working class in ‘Coming Apart’   Can the working class be saved?   Charles Murray on      white America [Radio broadcast] min 300 words

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