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I have this due tonight can you help? I have this portion fo

I have this due tonight can you help? I have this portion fo

I have this due tonight can you help? I have this portion for the team assignment. thank you  Cost Management Plan: Develop a cost plan for your project that identifies the allocation and cost of resources for your project. This estimate is applied across the calendar, making a budget that the finance department must know about so they can ensure the funds are available. Estimating the cost of each activity within each work package is the most accurate way. After performing bottom-up addition, see if your estimate meets the constraint allocated by upper management for the project. If not, you must either negotiate for more money or reduce quality or scope to ensure it is realistic to complete the project as defined with the funds available.       McBride Project Management PlanDavid Romine, Jason Woodworth,Lindsey King, Priscilda Menjares, Sylvan CallenderCMGT/411July 29, 2013Kirk JohnsonMcBride Project Management PlanProject Plan“McBride Financial Services is a start-up regional mortgage lenderheadquartered in Boise, Idaho. The firm will specialize in conventional, FHA,and VA loans for home purchasing and refinancing” (University of Phoenix,2013).   Based on the transcript of theconversation between Hugh McBride (HM), of McBride Financial Services and AbramLaBelle (AL) of Smith Systems Consulting discussing the computer network neededfor McBride’s planned offices, the company intends to expand its operationsinto eight locations.  The firstlocations will be located in Boise, Idaho, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, withthe Boise location identified as the McBride Financial Services homeoffice.  There will also be twoadditional facilities in North Dakota, two more in Wyoming, one in Montana andan additional facility in Rapid City, South Dakota.  Methodology and Business CaseOften, construction and multiple geographic locations introduce adynamic and risky element to the process. McBride Financial Services will sequence the installations in a phasedapproach to make the most efficient use of manpower and resources and reduceprogram risk.  As the (Lee, et. al, 2006)article illustrates, “construction projects are inherently complex and dynamic,involving multiple feedback processes and nonlinear relationships” (p. 84).  To address this issue, the first twoinstallations will occur simultaneously with the main headquarters at theBoise, Idaho, as one location and the other at the Sioux Falls, South Dakota,locale.  There will be a programmed pauseafter the initial two installations to provide an opportunity to conductlessons learned, refine the process, and train the installation teams.  Subsequent installations will occur in pairsover a six month period to allow time for final site preparations at each ofthe proposed locations.  The desired goalis a fully functional information system at each of the eight McBride FinancialServices locations within one year.Project GoalMcBridefinancial service has a goal of being the premier one stop mortgage company infive states.  This goal has led to thedecision to expand and grow to eight more businesses opening up.  What this report will do is give a briefhistory of the company and their mission, and provide a look at who the primarystakeholders will be and the plan for each office.HistoryMcBrideas a company is known for the ability to provide homeowners with the ability tostay with one company through the entire process of buying or selling ahome.  Staying on the cutting edge oftechnology for the industry has proven well for McBride. This has helped themto complete their mission of providing fast and effective way to processmortgage applications.StakeholdersAccordingto ‘Project Stakeholder Management’ (n.d.), A project’s stakeholdersare defined as “any person or organization that is actively involved in aproject, or whose interests may be positively or negatively affected byexecution or completion of the project” (Definition of Project Stakeholders). Theprimary stakeholder in this business plan is Hugh McBride the owner of thiscompany.  The secondary stakeholder willbe the brokers at each office. The project management team will ensure eachstakeholder has an equal voice in the execution of the project.  As Karlson (2002), illustrates in his articleProject Stakeholder Management, eachstakeholder will have his or her own interest in the project that may causedifferent priorities and conflicts. To mitigate those conflicts and balance thevarious stakeholder priorities, the program manager will ensure activestakeholder participation in the program process.  Each site broker will have a large role inthe company because of them being the primary expense and the primary income,so hiring well-qualified people will be a main goal for McBride to accomplish.GoalThegoal for McBride is to open up eight offices for financial services in inIdaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming.  The Idaho office will be the main office withthe others reporting to Idaho.  Staffinggoals are that the main office will staff the administrative assistants thatwill handle the necessary paper work. All other offices will have two to three brokers that will handle allthe services in that region.  Project CharterThe overall goal of the project is to have eight offices McBride FinancialServices all computer-networked for provision of conventional, FHA, and VAloans for home purchasing and refinancing services. The main stakeholders ofthe project are McBride Financial Services and Smith Systems Consulting Companytogether with the employees. It is expected that the sequence outlined forinstallation purposes and the time assigned will be adequate for the project.The project should be complete within a year. It is also assumed that the staffwill be able and willing to adjust to the new information system after thefirst training. As Steinberg (1989) illustrates, “a charter is a writtendescription of the means by which stated responsibilities will be carried out”(Steinberg, 1989, p. 12).  For McBrideFinancial Services, the project responsibilities are divided such that McBrideFinancial Services provides the funds for execution while Smith SystemsConsulting will provide the labor and the technical knowhow as well as trainMcBride’s staff on the information system. The overall project is expected tocost approximately $1 million. While the schedules and timelines have been set,there is a risk of delays due to the importation of some of the equipment thatmay require more shipping time and risk of default by different suppliers. Amonitoring program for the project is in place and there are milestones setthat aim at evaluating the progress at each stage.Project Scope Work Breakdown StructureThe Work BreakdownStructure (WBS) is a hierarchical structure of the work that needs to be doneto make the project a reality. Marchewka, J. T. (2009, p.154), states, “The WBS also provides a bridgeor link between the project’s scope and the detailed project plan that will beentered into a project management software package”.  The consultants for the project will be usingMicrosoft Project to create the WBS. They will be producing charts and reports as part of the deliverablesfor submission at the status meetings with Hugh McBride at regularly intervalsonce the project begins.  The WBS is aniterative process that will be revised several times before the sponsor signsoff on it.  The WBS is a logicaldecomposition of the project plan.  Thehighest level with the Unique WBS code one beside it is the Computer Networkwhich is the end result of the project. Level two is broken down into five phases; the Business Case, ProjectCharter and Plan, Execute and Control, Close Project, and EvaluateProject.  Each phase is furthersub-divided into specific activities and important deliverables.  The Execute and Control phase is the mostin-depth of the phases and shows the sub-phases of analysis, design,construction, testing, and implementation. Each sub-phase is broken down into more detail activities.  The lowest levels represent work packageswhich comprise all the work necessary for completion of thatsub-deliverable.  The WBS is therefore,the groundwork for determining the cost and schedule of the project. Schedule Management Plan(David) Stakeholder Analysis            A stakeholder isanyone who will benefit from the success or failure of a project.  McBride Financials are trying to carve out ashare of the real estate market for themselves. The successful outcome of this project will help the company gain asubstantial foothold in the market.  Itsfailure, however, will be a win for their competitors.  The major stakeholders in this project areHugh McBride, Smith Systems Consulting, the employees of McBride FinancialServices, and the vendors they will be procuring goods and services from.  Select members of the various groups willparticipate in the various stages.  Theproject charter and project plan identifies who these individuals are and theirroles and responsibilities.  A stakeholder analysis helps the project manager in determiningwho to assign to certain tasks.  Marchewka, J. T. (2009, p. 110) suggests“one may start with the published organizational chart and then add to it asthe complexities of the informal organization become known.” Importantstakeholders are those who will provide resources to the project. As thesponsor of the project, Hugh McBride will only participate in the project at ahigh level but will be very influential sustaining it.  The list should also include both those whowould benefit from the successful outcome of the project and also those whowould benefit from its failure.  The analysis processcontinues with indicating the stakeholders’ interest by putting relevantnotations beside them; positive, negative, neutral, questionable.  Next note the level of influence eachstakeholder has on the project by using a range of values to representextremely high influence through to no influence in the decision-makingprocess.  Another critical step in theanalysis process involves assessing the risk of conflicts between certainindividuals or groups.  At this point itshould be easier to start labeling the individuals with their respective rolessuch as sponsor and product owner, consultants, and organization champion alongwith their objectives.  Finally, Marchewka,J. T. (2009, p. 111) suggests outlining strategies for the stakeholdersrelationships.  Understanding who theplayers are and the role each fills is vital in fostering good workingrelationships between the different sets of stakeholders. Communication Management PlanAcommunication management plan is a change management tool important in themanagement of any project and vital in ensuring desired behaviors.Communication involves the deliverance of relevant and clear message betweenproject parties so as to ensure the objectives of the project are met (Letavec,Rollins, & Altwies, 2008). Themain objective of communication is to facilitate a two-way information flow andto make use of the dialogue in channeling efforts in the right direction so asto meet the set objectives. Themain elements of a communication management plan include: Date, Name ofstakeholder, title of stakeholder, the type of information required, frequencyat which it is required, team member responsible for compiling the informationand the delivery channel to be used. These entries ensure there is consistencyand information needs are well documented (Letavec, Rollins, & Altwies, 2008). Italso ensures that the implementers are aware of the needed information andcommunicates with the stakeholders in good time to promote project efficiency.It should ideally be developed at the design phase of the project beforecommencement of the project activities so as to be used regularly andconsistently. Through a communication plan, channels of communication todifferent stakeholders are set out. For example, Smith Systems will be aware ofwhat information is needed when and what channels are to be used in deliveringthis information to Mcbride Financial Services.Quality Management PlanAneffective quality management plan must ensure that both the product and processmeets the customer’s needs.  McBrideFinancial Services looks at quality management as a holistic endeavor andembraces the functionality found in established standards, such as Lean SixSigma illustrated in figure one.  Allprojects managed by McBride financial Services will ensure Black Belt certifiedpersonnel are available in support of the project and Green Belt certifiedstaff are assigned to each project. This creates an environment that, asWagner, (1997) illustrates in his article TotalQuality Management: A Plan for Optimizing Human Potential? “itbecomes very important to monitor the system and to constantly seek ways forfurther improvement. Making the system better is the essence of a qualityorganization” (Wagner, 1997, p. 243). McBride Financial Services accomplished this with a robust approachtoward a culture dedicated to the elimination of waste within the organization’sprocesses.  Figure1.            The scope of the McBride Financial Services expansionincludes building modification and information system infrastructuredevelopment.  In order to ensure theimplementation effort at the various locations are standardized, McBrideFinancial Services will comply with the ISO 9001:2008 certificationstandards.  The is largely due to thefact the ISO 9001:2008 sets the criteria for a quality management system andcan be certified to, providing McBride Financial Services with a certifiedquality management system.            In line with the inherent controls and audits compliancewith the ISO 9001:2008 provides, McBride Financial Services will be trackingthe key project milestones of network design, installation of network cables,hardware procurement, hardware setup, and implementation with specific entryand exit criteria for each event at each physical location.  McBride Financial Services’ designatedproject managers and local site managers will approve documentation to initiateentrance or exit milestones and ensure the program remains within the proposed$1 million budget.  Risk Management Plan Procurement Plan Cost Management Plan Staffing Plan  Conclusion

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