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I have a section due tomorrow can you help me with it.   Â

I have a section due tomorrow can you help me with it.   Â

I have a section due tomorrow can you help me with it.       Project Charter: The key element defined on the project charter is the purpose or business need that this project supports. The project charter also defines the authority level of the project manager and authorizes the project, making it realistic. The project mission and goals may be integrated into a contract shared by the organization performing the work and the organization funding the work—if there is an outside customer—and defined in a statement of work (SOW).  McBride Project Management PlanProject Plan“McBride Financial Services is a start-up regional mortgage lenderheadquartered in Boise, Idaho. The firm will specialize in conventional, FHA,and VA loans for home purchasing and refinancing” (University of Phoenix,2013).   Based on the transcript of theconversation between Hugh McBride (HM), of McBride Financial Services and AbramLaBelle (AL) of Smith Systems Consulting discussing the computer network neededfor McBride’s planned offices, the company intends to expand its operationsinto eight locations.  The firstlocations will be located in Boise, Idaho and Sioux Falls, South Dakota withthe Boise location identified as the McBride Financial Services homeoffice.  There will also be twoadditional facilities in North Dakota, two more in Wyoming, one in Montana andan additional facility in Rapid City, South Dakota.  Methodology and Business CaseMcBride Financial Services will sequence the installations in aphased approach to make the most efficient use of manpower and resources.  The first two installations will occursimultaneously with one being the main headquarters at the Boise, ID locationand the other at the Sioux Falls, SD locale. There will be a programmed pause after the initial two installations toprovide an opportunity to conduct lessons learned, refine the process, andtrain the installation teams.  Subsequentinstallations will occur in pairs over a six month period to allow time forfinal site preparations at each of the proposed locations.  The desired goal is a fully functionalinformation system at each of the eight McBride Financial Services locationswithin one year.Project GoalMcBridefinancial service has a goal of being the premier one stop mortgage company infive states.  This goal has led to thedecision to expand and grow to eight more businesses opening up.  What this report will do is give a briefhistory of the company and their mission, and provide a look at who the primarystakeholders will be and the plan for each office.HistoryMcBrideas a company is known for the ability to provide homeowners with the ability tostay with one company through the entire process of buying or selling ahome.  Staying on the cutting edge oftechnology for the industry has proven well for McBride. This has helped themto complete their mission of providing fast and effective way to processmortgage applications.StakeholdersTheprimary stakeholder in this business plan is Hugh McBride the owner of thiscompany.  The secondary stakeholder willbe the brokers at each office. These brokers will have a large role in thecompany because of them being the primary expense and the primary income, sohiring well-qualified people will be a main goal for McBride to accomplish.GoalThegoal for McBride is to open up eight offices for financial services in inIdaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming.  The Idaho office will be the main office withthe others reporting to Idaho.  Staffinggoals are that the main office will staff the administrative assistants thatwill handle the necessary paper work. All other offices will have two to three brokers that will handle allthe services in that region.    Project Charter Project Scope Work Breakdown Structure Schedule Management Plan Stakeholder Analysis Communication Management Plan Quality Management Plan Risk Management Plan Procurement Plan Cost Management Plan Staffing Plan  Conclusion  References

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