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I have a cms system where a client has requested that they

I have a cms system where a client has requested that they

I have a cms system where a client has requested that they be able to enter php snippets within the html content.This would be in the following format:HTML Code:[PHP]echo.php[/PHP]orHTML Code:[PHP]echo ‘

here is some php code

lets see if it works

‘;[/PHP]if the tag ended in .php I know to include it as a file otherwise I was planning on just evaluating the content.$Product_Details is being set from content in my DB.Example string from the DB:HTML Code:[PHP]echo.php[/PHP][PHP]echo ‘

here is some php code

lets see if it works




I have various functions as follows to help me find all the tags within a string and return them as an array for me to then replace them with the php code:HTML Code: $string=$Product_Details; $delimiter='[php]’; $delimiterto='[/php]’; $arrpos=array(); $arrpos=getSelectiveContent($string,$delimiter,$delimiterto,$exclude=”); $arrsize=sizeof($arrpos); for($i=0; $i<$arrsize; $i++) { if(stripos($arrpos[$i],'.php')>=0){ $Product_Details = str_ireplace(‘[php]’.$arrpos[$i].'[/php]’,’‘,$Product_Details); } else {$Product_Details = str_ireplace(‘[php]’.$arrpos[$i].'[/php]’,’‘,$Product_Details);} } function getSelectiveContent($content,$from,$to,$exclude=”){ $return = array(); // array for return elements $size_FROM = strlen($from); $size_TO = strlen($to);while(true){ $pos = stripos($content,$from); // find first occurance of $from if( $pos === false ) { break; // if not exist break loop } else { $element = extractor($content,$from,$to); // fetch first element if($exclude == ”) { if( trim($element) != ” ) { $return[] = trim($element); } } else { if(trim($element) != ” && !strstr($element,$exclude)) // if nothing in range, and exclude is not in it { $return[] = trim($element); // put fetched content in array. } } $content = substr($content,$pos+strlen($element)+$size_FROM+$size_TO); // remove $from to $to from content }}unset($content,$from,$to,$element,$exclude,$pos,$size_FROM,$size_TO);return $return;}function extractor($str,$afrom,$ato){ $from_pos = stripos($str,$afrom); $from_pos = $from_pos + strlen($afrom); $to_pos = stripos($str,$ato,$from_pos);// to must be after from $return = substr($str,$from_pos,$to_pos-$from_pos); unset($str,$afrom,$ato,$from_pos,$to_pos ); return $return;}Then I was simply outputting as follows:PHP Code:The outputted html is as follows:HTML Code:here is some php code

lets see if it works

‘;); ?>



But it doesn’t render any of the php, what am i doing wrong as what I am asking does it make sense?Thanks

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