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I got the files i have to email them if interested!!!You are

I got the files i have to email them if interested!!!You are

I got the files i have to email them if interested!!!You are creating a database for donations that are made to different non-for-profit agencies by different individuals. The database is made of three tables: Contributors (the list of donors with information about them), Donations (the list of generous gifts) and Agencies (the list of non-for profit organizations that receive gifts).Download all the files from the Midterm folder. Remember: it is best to first save them on your local computer before you open them and start working on them.Open the database named RRGroup. It comes with the Contributors table. This is the one you are going to do all work.Populate the Agency table with data from Agency text file.Examine the Gifts Excel file and based on that file design the third table (headings, primary key, data type). Save it as Donations. Populate it with data from the Gifts file. Remember about the Primary Key.Establish relationships between all three tables. Do all that is necessary to have them established. All of them must be “One-To-Many”.Create a form for the Contributors table. Be sure it displays only one record at a time. Save it.Create a query with the following data:Name of the AgencyNumber of donors.Average amount of donation. i. Name this query “Average Gift”Create another query with the following data:Donor’s last nameAgency nameAgency’s city. Provide ability to enter the city you want to view in the queryAmount of donation. You want to see donations over $50.You want to see those donations that need to be picked up. i. Attention: all the criteria must be “AND” – this query should display only those donors that gave gifts to agencies from an entered city and in the amount over $50 and gave gifts that need to be picked up.   ii. Name this query “Gifts in a City”10.  One more query. This time no criteria, only 3 fields: Donor’s last name, Agency Name and amount of donation. Save it as “Query for report”.11.  Create a report for the “Query for report”. Make sure that records are listed by Contributors. All other settings can be left as the default ones. Name the report: List of Contributions.   agencytest.txt

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