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Hi,I am looking for a very simple SKYPE and Facebook posting

Hi,I am looking for a very simple SKYPE and Facebook posting

Hi,I am looking for a very simple SKYPE and Facebook postingBOT. This will be a desktop application for Windows.Basically the bot will perform the following simplefunctions:1. Automatically post to SKYPE chat rooms.2. Allow SKYPE Instant Messaging to run in thebackground but alert the user when certain words or exact phrases are posted byother users.3. Automatically post to Facebook.4. Allow Facebook to run in the background but alert the user when certain words or exactphrases are posted by other users.The program should allow the user to work on other programswhile this program is working in the background. The following functionality should be built into the BOT -Automated SKYPE Chat Room Poster:· Allow the user to copy and paste or manuallyenter the SKYPE chat room names as indicated in their SKYPE contacts.· Allow the user to copy and paste (from Notebookor Word) or manually enter a message that they would like the BOT toautomatically post in the previously mentioned Chat Rooms. · Allow the user to choose to either postinstantly or choose a time later that same day to have the bot do the posting. · Allow the user to pick how often the BOT willre-post the same message. The user choices should range from ‘Never – toOnce per year’. · Have a submit button so that once the user hasentered in their chat rooms, have created their message to post, decided topost now or scheduled a time to post, and chosen the post frequency, they pushthe button and the bot goes to work. Automated SKYPE Chat Room Message Scraper:· Allow the user to copy and paste from an outsidesource or manually enter the SKYPE chat room names as indicated in their SKYPEcontacts.· Have a button that when push automaticallycopies and pastes the chat rooms entered into ‘Automated Poster’ sideof the program into the ‘Automated Message Scraper’ side. · Have an area where the user can copy and past ormanually enter Key Phrases or exact words to look for on the chat rooms. · Have an ‘Alert Choice’ that allows theuser to pick how they want to be alerted of their exact phrases or words. Forexample this might include: Open The Chat Window Immediately, Make a DingingSound, Flash the Computer Screen, or have a small popup window in the lowerright hand corner appear to alert the user of an exact phrase or word match. · Have a button when pushed allows the user toturn on and off the Automated Message Scraper.· All of this functionality should operate withthe SKYPE window being minimized on the screen. Facebook:· Have all of the same exact functionality asdescribed above for Facebook. · There should be a tab for Facebook and anotherone for SKYPE.· There should be a button or choice of some sortthat allows the user to choose if they want to Post and Scrape from just SKYPE,just Facebook, or both. I will own all rights to this software and you must deliverall files to me including but not limited to source files, design files,graphics, etc. I will pay promptly upon a fully debugged and operationalprogram. The final program needs to be an exe file with an automaticinstallation program so that I can send over one zip file to the user and givethem easy instructions on how to install the program on their computer. Ifpossible the file should be protected with a license key so that I can controlunauthorized users from downloading it and using it without my permission. Please only bid if you are able to read and write Englishand fully understand these directions. In your bid response please let me knowhow many days it will take to complete this job and the amount you are bidding.Use the words ‘Ready To Start’ in your reply so that I know that youhave read this entire post and understand the requirements. I can provide an excel file that explains it further and has a diagram of how the program should look. Thank you for bidding! I look forward to working with you.- TR

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