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Hello,i need a quite simple software for event [wedding and

Hello,i need a quite simple software for event [wedding and

Hello,i need a quite simple software for event [wedding and etc].its magnet pictures for events… the software need to organize 6 or 8 photos on A4 photo paper and print it… after the print i will glue the paper to A4 magnet and cut it to picturesthe software need to monitor a folder or/and have the option to open a folder with photos and import them to the software..i want the size of every picture to be 2’x3′ … half of 4’x6′ [10×15]… in this case in A4 paper can fit 8 photos…the photos need to have a place in the bottom of the picture to an Dedication.. so the software need to have a tool for editing and insert text with fonts, sizes, colors and more… and the text we insert before every event will be automatic dress on every 8 pictures in A4 paper .. so every 8 pictures need to pull on automatic to an A4 paper and option to print…in the text area need to have an option to insert text from the software [and the software will arange the text on 8 photos on A4 or 2 photos 4’x6′.and the option to insert a template that i make before that fit the size of the more option near every picture a little editor to play with the brightness, contrast and sharpness of the picture, if the photographer not shot so good..i will glad to have to template of 2’x3′ .. polaroid style and one more like i’ve attached…i will attached photos and links and trial software that look a like my future software…My main printer will be canon ip-4950 A4 size [can print on 4’x’6,10×15 too]but i want an option to print with tharmel printer 4’x’6 [10×15] size… every 4’x’6 paper can fill in two 2’x3′ how regular magnet software look and work: have attached the trial of the regular software [ without polaroid style] please check it..please check the link and the pictures…

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