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Final Research PaperThe purpose of the Final Research Paper

Final Research PaperThe purpose of the Final Research Paper

Final Research PaperThe purpose of the Final Research Paper is toprovide an opportunity to integrate your understanding of how you, as aninternational journalist, would choose to analyze and report the news,particularly as it relates to war coverage. This assignment requires you toresearch and evaluate the report of a single incident related to aninternational military conflict or war in any part of the world. The wars inAfghanistan or Iraq are obvious choices, but you may address other existingglobal conflicts, including those in Africa, Asia, Central America, orelsewhere. This assignment should be written as a personalnarrative in which you describe, in detail, how you would address the varioussocial, cultural, and governmental challenges of being an “outsider” attemptingto gain information from sources in your selected area of the world. Considereach area—social, cultural, and governmental—separately. Spend time analyzingthe setting and discussing the obstacles you would encounter as you met with aperson, group of people, or organization within each of the areas mentionedabove.  Focusof the Final Research Paper In eight to ten pages, discuss how you would present the facts and who your contacts wouldbe. Ask yourself these questions as you complete the research project:•What are thepotential roadblocks to gaining the confidence of those who are in a differentpart of the world? •Which sources would you trust, and why?  How would you know you could trust them? •Would you relinquish your ideas of democracy andfreedom, and report the story from the political, societal, or culturalperspective of the place from which you are reporting?•What steps would you take to protect yourself fromharm?Additionalissues to consider include:•Potentialconflicts that will surface due to your understanding and practice of Westernjournalism theory compared to the theory and practice of journalism as it isconducted elsewhere in the world. •How freedom of the press is interpreted in selectcountries and regions worldwide. •Philosophical differences among national mediasystems that exist globally.Be sure todescribe in detail what it would be like to be embedded with the military. Whatspecial challenges would this bring? Would you consider winning the confidenceof opposing military forces in order to “get the story”?Although the Final should be written as a personal narrative,you should also include sources in your text. Incorporate at least one idea orconcept from your textbook, International News Reporting, on each page.  •Must be eight to ten double-spaced pages in lengthand formatted according to APA style as outlined in the approved APA styleguide.•Must use at least five to eight scholarly sourcesin addition to the text, at least two of which are found in Ashford OnlineLibrary. Wikipedia is an example of a source that is NOT acceptable.•Must include an introductory paragraph with asuccinct thesis statement.•Must conclude with a restatement of the thesis anda conclusion paragraph.•Must include a Reference Page that is completedaccording to APA (6th edition) style as outlined in the approved APA style guide.

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