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Final Project 2: Portfolio AnalysisPart A: Research OnlineTr

Final Project 2: Portfolio AnalysisPart A: Research OnlineTr

Final Project 2: Portfolio AnalysisPart A: Research OnlineTrading Sites and DRIPsFor this part of theassignment, you will evaluate the choices in purchasing stock via onlinebrokerage accounts (where you can buy and sell stock via the Internet) and theuse of dividend reinvestment plans (known as DIPs and DRIPs) or mutual funds orindex funds. For online brokers, youwill be looking for the requirements to open the accounts: costs, minimumbalances, and other features. Because most DIPs or DRIPs are available frompublicly traded companies, you can search their Web sites or a search engine onthese plans and their requirements. Perhaps the most famousand useful Web site for these programs is You are to compare and contrast onlinebrokerage to DIPs and DRIPs.Required: Research online tradingsites and DRIPS as outlined below, and summarize your findings. Make sure toinclude a summary table of the relevant information.Search three online trading sites, and determine the     requirements for trading, including the price per trade. Compare and     contrast the online trading companies. (2–3 pages) Search the Web for three companies (look for investor     information) that offer DIPs or DRIPs. (2–3 pages) Compare and contrast the requirements, including minimum     investments, nature of the return, costs, and other features. (1–2 pages) Part B: Research MarketData on BondsResearch the current(within the last two months) market data on bonds from AT&T, Dell, and IBM.Assume each bond has a par value of $1000, unless otherwise indicated. Citeyour sources.  AT&T    Dell    IBM    Coupon    Maturity    Frequency    Rating  Required:   Complete the table above.   Calculate the value of the bond if your required      return is 5% on AT&T, 6.5% on Dell, and 8% on IBM.   Determine the yield to maturity (YTM) on the bonds      given the current price. Based on each bond’s ratings and your      determination of its yield to maturity, explain how you rank each bond      for risk and return. Deliverable:Your submissionshould be in a 5–10 page Microsoft Word or Excel document, showing yourcalculations. You can use the formulas embedded in Microsoft Excel and/or afinancial calculator for these calculations.

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