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final paperto complete the followingassignment, go to this w

final paperto complete the followingassignment, go to this w

final paperto complete the followingassignment, go to this week’s finalpaper link in the left navigation. final paperselect a u.s. supreme court case from the list below and read the full caseinvolved as well as other supporting documents (see also the notes below on howto access case information through the au online library).focus of the final paperplease examineone of the cases from this list for your paper:* goldberg v. kelly (1970)* chevron v. natural resources defense council, inc. (1984)*massachusetts v. epa (2007)* wyman v. james (1971)* vermont yankeenuclear power corp. v. natural resources defense council (1978)* kelo of new london (2005)to locate the full supreme court opinion and additional backgroundinformation on the cases, visit the westlaw database available through ashford’sonline library. once the westlaw database webpage opens, select the “law” taband on the far left, second box down, you may search for cases by title.prepare an eight to ten page paper that addresses the following points:1. offer a brief summary/historical overview of the circumstances in thecase, the stakeholders, and the outcome sought by the plaintiff.2.explain how the case qualified for judicial review in regards to the ripeness,standing, exhaustion of administrative remedies, and primary jurisdiction, asthey apply.3. analyze the case’s outcome. in your analysis, be sure toaddress the administrative action that took place in the case (if available),whether or not the court succeeded or failed in reducing arbitrariness, and theimplications for future administrative actions (precedence).writing the final paperthe finalpaper:must be eight to ten double-spaced pages in length.must include a cover page that includes:- title of assignment-student’s name- course name and number- instructor’s name- datesubmittedmust include an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement.must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.must conclude with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph.must use at least three law or professional resources, including atleast one from proquest.must use apa style as outlined in the approved apa style guide to documentall sources.must include, on the final page, a reference page that is completedaccording to apa style as outlined in the approved apa style guide.

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