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E4.5 Crow, Inc., a not-for-profit company, has a product con

E4.5 Crow, Inc., a not-for-profit company, has a product con

E4.5 Crow, Inc., a not-for-profit company, has a product contributionmargin of $40. The fixed costs are $800,000. Crow, Inc., has set atarget profit of $35,000per year. LO 2  A. What is the breakeven point in units?  B. How many units must be sold to achieve the target profit?  C. If fixed costs decrease 10 percent, how many units must be sold to achieve the target profit? P 4.8 Buchanan Enterprises has projected its income before taxes as follows: Sales (800,000 units) $16,000,000Variable costs     2,000,000Contribution margin  $14,000,000Fixed costs     8,000,000Income before taxes  $6,000,000Required:  A. What is the selling price per unit?  B. What is the variable cost per unit?  C. What is the contribution margin per unit?  D. What is the contribution margin ratio?  E. What is the breakeven point in units?  F. What is the breakeven point in dollars?P 4.10 Crawford sells three types of games to nationaltoy companies. These games are known internally as Gamma, Omega, andLambda. Recently the Gamma and Lambdalines have not shown acceptable profits. The most recentmonthly results are:Gamma Omega Lambda Unit sales 1,800 400 1,500 Sales $900$1,200 $1,500 Cost of goods sold 810 600 1,245 Gross margin 90 600 255Selling and administrative cost 204218 240 Profit $(114) $ 382 $ 15  Additional analysis reveals that $150 per month infacility-sustaining selling and administrative cost is charged to eachproduct line. Theremaining costs are assumed to vary directly with thenumber of units sold. Crawford is analyzing the following alternatives:  1. Discontinue the Gamma line and increaseadvertising at a cost of $10 per month for the Lambda line. This isexpectedto increase Lambda sales by 20 percent.  2. Discontinue the Gamma and Lambda lines andfocus solely on the Omega line. This is expected to increase Omega salesby 40 percent.  3. Increase promotion of both the Gamma andLambda lines. The promotion will increase selling costs by $25 per monthforeach line. Unit sales of Gamma are expected to increaseby 15 percent while unit sales of Lambda are expected to increase by 10percent.  4. Do nothing. Leave the Gamma, Lambda, and Omega lines as they are.  Required:  A. Evaluate each alternative. Which alternative is best for Crawford Company?  B. What additional factors should Crawford consider before making this decision? P 5.4 Bunkowske Company plans to introduce a new productnext year. This product has a two-year life and an estimated demand of20,000 units annually. The productwill be produced 50 weeks each year. Bunkowske estimatesthe following costs:  • Direct materials will be $16 per unit.  • Setup costs will be $200 per week. Ten setups will be required per week.  • Design costs will be $40,000 in total.  • Specialized equipment must be rented for $15,000 per week.  • Research and development costs are estimated at $500,000.  • Labor will be paid $20 per hour. Five employees will be assigned to this product and each employee will work 35 hours onthe product.Bunkowske Company uses cost-plus pricing whereby theselling price of each of its products are 150 percent of the life-cyclecosts. Determine the selling price ofthis product.P 5.9 Praeuner Company has surveyed the market and set atarget selling price of $2,000 per unit for its product. Praeunerbelieves it can sell 100,000 units ofthis product over its two-year life. Praeuner requires a20 percent return on selling price. Therefore its target cost per unitis $1,600. Praeuner has gatheredthe following budgeted cost data:Unit cost   $ 1,200Batch cost (batch size = 1,000)   15,000Product-sustaining cost (annual)   480,000Facility-sustaining cost (annual)   900,000In addition to the previous costs, Praeuner will incur$5,000,000 in research and development costs before the product ismanufactured. Required:  A. What is the total target cost for this product’s life?  B. What is the total budgeted cost for this product over its two-year life?  C. Should Praeuner develop this product? Why?

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