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Developing cross-cultural communication skills  Would like

Developing cross-cultural communication skills  Would like

Developing cross-cultural communication skills  Would like my question and answer to be private andneed a 7-10 min Power Point presentation.  $100.00  Objective  Select a relevant interpersonal communication behavior to work on; attempt to change your behavior or pattern in the communication area you selected, and evaluate your progress and performance.  Guidelines  Before you can begin this communication change project, you will need to select a relevant interpersonal communication behavior to work on. One word of advice: spend some time choosing your goal. Since you will be devoting significant time and energy to this particular project, and since it is such a rare opportunity to spend your time working on self-improvement, it is worth taking some extra time to choose a behavior that is particularly significant to you and worth this much attention. We all have communication strengths and weaknesses that have a profound impact on our interpersonal relations with others. The way that we communicate is often the result of behavioral habits and patterns that we form over time vs. conscious decisions that we make as a result of a given set of circumstances.  The following outline presents a method for making such a communication change. In short:  First, analyze your communication behaviors and patterns.Observing my own behavior when communicating was surprising. The outcome of results in speech patterns and behaviors was uncomfortable and stressful. I recognized immediately that my impressions were were anger and hurried.  Second, identify a specific communication behavior or pattern that you feel you need to change or improve.A specific communication behavior or pattern that I feel I need to change or improve is Patience. I need to be more responsive to the person’s needs and not be so pushy in a nonthreatening way. Third, construct a plan for changing that communication behavior or pattern.Recognizing and accepting our own communication style and dealing with other styles of communication that are different. Build up self-esteem to strengthen our practice in learning characteristics of people.  Last, attempt to change your behavior or pattern in the communication area you selected, and evaluate your progress and performance.  Taking the time to carefully focus on my moments that I experienced and having the desire to change my negative weakness to a more positive level of self-awareness.I made a list of what other people have used to describe me.Studying my list from people has given me a better perception of my own weaknesses and strengths.It helps influence me to recognize and learning to accept it was difficult.Over the course of the session you will work through an eight-step process, which will require you to document how you analyzed, identified, changed, and evaluated your communication behaviors. You will be graded based on demonstrating that you followed this process and your final analysis, not on whether you actually achieved the desired change.Milestones  The following eight steps will form the structure of the CCC experience and the written assignments.  Part 1: Selecting a communication goal(due Week 1)  Part 2: Describing communication patterns(due Week 2 and 3) Part 3: Establishing behavioral goals: What will it look like when I am doing it well?(due Week 2 and 3) Part 4: Goal Analysis(due Week 4)  Part 5: Covert Rehearsal: Practicing in your imagination (due Week 5)  Part 6: Behavioral Rehearsal: Practicing your new behavior (due Week 5)  Part 7: Actual Implementation: Performing your behavior in real-life situations(due Week 6 and 7)  Part 8: Evaluating your progress (due Week 8)  CCC Project Examples  Problem 1:  A 20-something woman recognizes that she appears to frown and/or has a negative facial expression when communicating interpersonally. Others often misread her as a result. Outcome 1:  She set the goal of using a positive facial expression when communicating interpersonally. She was more successful at work and received significantly more attention in her personal life as well. She made many new friends and broke off a long-term, unhealthy relationship with her boyfriend as a result of the increased attention.  Problem 2:  A 40-something woman with a successful career recognizes that she does not accept criticism well. Generally, she jumped to the defense and never heard, nor considered, the merit of the feedback.  Outcome 2:  She set the goal of changing her response to receiving criticism. She found that she was able to learn from constructive feedback and was recognized in her review for the positive change in her behavior.

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