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Case Study 1Springfield Express is a luxurypassenger carrier

Case Study 1Springfield Express is a luxurypassenger carrier

Case Study 1Springfield Express is a luxurypassenger carrier in Texas. All seats are first class, and the following dataare available:Number of seatsper passenger train car  90Average loadfactor (percentage of seats filled)  70%Average fullpassenger fare $ 160Average variablecost per passenger $  70Fixed operatingcost per month $3,150,000Formula :Revenue = Units Sold * Unit priceContribution Margin = Revenue – All Variable CostContribution Margin Ratio = Contribution Margin/SellingPriceBreak Even Points in Units = (Total Fixed Costs + TargetProfit )/Contribution MarginBreak Even Points in Sales = (Total Fixed Costs + TargetProfit )/Contribution Margin RatioMargin of Safety = Revenue – Break Even Points in SalesDegree of Operating Leverage = Contribution Margin/NetIncomeNet Income = Revenue – Total Variable Cost – Total FixedCostUnit Product Cost using Absorption Cost  = (Total Variable Cost + Total Fixed Cost)/#of units a.  Contributionmargin per passenger =?Contribution margin ratio =?Break-even point in passengers =Fixed costs/Contribution Margin = Passengers =?Break-even point in dollars =Fixed Costs/Contribution Margin Ratio = $ ? b.  Compute# of seats per train car (remember load factor?)If you know # of BE passengers forone train car and the grand total of passengers, you can compute # of traincars (rounded) =?c.  Contribution margin =? Break-even point in passengers =fixed costs/ contribution margin Passengers =? train cars (rounded) =?d.  Contributionmargin =?Break-even point in passengers =fixed costs/contribution margin Passengers =?  train cars ( rounded) = ?e.  Beforetax profit less the tax rate times the before tax profit = after-tax income = $?Then, proceed to compute # ofpassengers -=?  f.  #of discounted seats = ?Contribution margin fordiscounted fares  X # discounted seats =$ each train X$ ? train cars per day X ? days per month= $? minus $ additional fixed costs = $?  pretax income.g.  1.Compute Contribution marginThen,  # seats X $ X # train cars=  $ ?Increased fixed cost ( ?) Pretax gain (loss) on newroute $ 2 and 3. Compute # of passengers and train cars usingcomputation approaches employed in some of the above problems.  4. Springfield should considersuch things as (Think of qualitative factors that are important. In other words, not the numbers but otherthings that have to be considered, e.g., risks)

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