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BehavioristTheory DemonstratedAbbot. K. (1999-2013),states t

BehavioristTheory DemonstratedAbbot. K. (1999-2013),states t

BehavioristTheory DemonstratedAbbot. K. (1999-2013),states that “Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov developed the theory of classicalconditioning while studying the salivation of dogs. Pavlov realized that dogswould salivate when food was placed in their mouths”. After carefulobservation, Pavlov discovered that the sound of the door opening and the sightof staff carrying food bowls also caused the dogs to salivate. The food is theunconditioned stimuli and the sounds of the door as well as the sight of foodare the neutral stimuli. CognitiveTheory DemonstratedEvery time math problemsets are ordered so that the next problem is only slightly more complex thanthe previous one, the insights of this tradition are used. But the empiricistssaw the child as relatively passive, and thus the brunt of learning fell on theteacher to rigorously prepare step-by-step materials. Their notion oflearning as the gradual build-up of knowledge largely ignored qualitativedevelopmental shifts in thinking. Much of the bad reputation of this methodcomes from the fact that its teacher-centered view was corrupted by theso-called factory school, the scale of which undermined Locke’s cardinalprinciple of constantly observing child-teacher interactions, and insteadencouraged one-way rote learning.ConstructivistTheory DemonstratedA student may have ascheme for dogs.  Then the student is introduced to a Husky.  Thestudent can assimilate this new information into the “dog” scheme. The samestudent who has a preexisting scheme for dogs is now introduced to a cat. The student understands that the cat doesn’t quite fit into the “dog” scheme;therefore, the child creates a new category to fit the cat.  The newcategory may be named “furry pets that aren’t dogs.” In the previousexample, the student understood that the cat doesn’t quite fit into the “dog”scheme. At this point, the student hasn’t figured out what to do with the newscheme yet.  This is calleddisequilibration.  When the studentcreates a new category to fit the cat, the mental state falls back into equilibrium.

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