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Assume you are the manager of a mustard seed factory in Colo

Assume you are the manager of a mustard seed factory in Colo

Assume you are the manager of a mustard seed factory in Colombia.Your company has received complaints that there isn’t enough mustard seed inyour economy size packages, which should have 1.7 ounces.  You ask your foreman and chief operatingofficer Juan Valdez to test the new mustard seed packaging machine you areinstalling. He runs a sample of 36 packages, with the results of package sizesin ounces:Data Set one1.5  1.7  1.8  1.9  1.7  1.751.75  1.66  1.81  1.65  1.77  1.751.8  2.2  1.7 1.65  1.88  1.61.7 1.7 1.6 1.65 1.65 1.651.8 1.91  1.7  1.59 1.76 1.651.3 2.0  1.91 1.65  1.8  1.8Data set two1.4  1.8 1.8  1.9  1.7  1.751.75  1.66  1.81  1.65  1.77  1.751.8  2.2  1.7  1.65  1.88  1.91.7  1.7  1.6  1.85  1.65  1.651.8  1.91   1.7  1.59  1.76  1.651.9  2.0  1.91  1.65  1.8   1.8Data set three1.4  1.9  1.85  1.9   1.7  1.791.75  1.62  1.81  1.65  1.77  1.751.8  2.2  1.7  1.65  1.88  1.91.7  1.7  1.6  1.85  1.65  1.651.8  1.91 1.7  1.59  1.76  1.651.9   2.0  1.91  1.65  1.8  1.81. Calculate a 95%confidence interval on the average weight of packaged mustard seed. Explainvery carefully to the packaging workers what the 95% confidence intervalnumbers mean. Include your Excel output. Is there anything you would want to note for management?2. Use the same dataset you used for theprevious problem.  Over a period of time,Juan determines that the true mean of the packages is in fact 1.72 ounces withstandard deviation the same as the sample above. Assume that Juan has a strongconsumer orientation. Juan is also a savvy businessman. Indeed, a local TVstation has been checking up on Juan by periodically sampling 36 packages andfiguring up the average weight. Juan tells you that he wants to be at least 95%sure that the average package has at least 1.7 ounces. Further, he wants to besure that 95% of the time, the TV crew that is watching him will find a samplemean of at least 1.70 ounces. At the same time he doesn’t want to set the equipmentto fill packages with any more product than he absolutely has to. What advicewould you give the mustard seed packaging factory management as to how tocalibrate their equipment? In particular, should they increase or decrease theamount they are putting in the packages and by how much? Are there any othersteps they might be able to take to improve the situation?  3.) Now, let’s assume that the package claims that it contains 1.7 oz. of mustardseed. Some of the customers claim that there isn’t enough mustard seed in the1.7 oz. economy size; corporate management is worried that there may be too much.Given the sample of 36, assuming that it is adequate, test the hypothesis thatthe average amount of mustard seed in the package meets the 1.7 oz. standardwith, say, 95% confidence. Be sure to state the null and alternative hypothesisand which you support. Include your Excel output. USING THE COMPUTER >Excel > ‘To perform a T test of a single mean’, etc.  Is there anythingyou would want to note for management?

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