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Assessment overview:Firstly, you need to choose a concept th

Assessment overview:Firstly, you need to choose a concept th

Assessment overview:Firstly, you need to choose a concept that you have learnt about this term.  Please confirm your topic choice with the course coordinator via email prior to commencing this task(my topic is resilience) . Secondly, you will need to consider the audience that this educational pack or advertising campaign will be pitched to and the purpose for its creation (not just because it is an assessment task!). This needs to be explicitly stated within your justification (see below).( my audience is 7-12 year olds in an Australian primary school)Written element:  There is an expectation that you will present approximately 800 – 1000 words within this section.  Following is a suggested word breakdown.Introduction: The introduction introduces the topic and the items of discussion. This should be between 100 – 150 words.Justification: The justification describes the audience and the purpose for creating this educational pack/advertising campaign. This should be about 300 words in length.Key areas to respond to in this section would beWho is the audience that you have designed this project for? What is the age range of the participants and what is the setting they belong to (eg classroom setting)?What is the purpose of it?  Is it to promote a new way of thinking or is there a message you want to impart to the participants?What is the learning objective?  What is the topic you will be covering?How will the message be imparted?  What type of media or technology is being used?Why have you decided to choose this particular topic, audience and purpose for this task? This is where you are justifying your decision.Body: The body presents your topic and it should build on the work that has already been taught throughout the term.  There is an expectation that the information will be referenced appropriately using the Harvard referencing system.  This section should explain the topic in detail and present an argument as to why you would propose this project be used for your audience. For instance, currently the government funds resiliency building projects in order to curb the instances of bullying within the education system.  You would use this fact (referenced of course) to support your argument. Conclusion: The conclusion should sum up what you have presented. This should be between 100 – 150 words.Reference List: It is an expectation that a reference list is included with the written element. This should follow Harvard conventions and show all references referred to within the text. Technological element:  You will need to also provide an age appropriate Microsoft Power-Point Presentation on your subject choice.( the topic is resilience and it has to appropriate  for a child between the age of 7 and 12)This section requires you to be creative within the design element of your educational pack or campaign.  Due to this section’s creativity, the underlying expectation is that what you present is something that could be taken to your audience and presented verbatim (as is).Considerations for this section include:Headings need to be bold and grab viewers attentionUse of colour and pictures to enhance the message being presentedAvoid using large blocks of textI am asking for help with this assessment as i have no experience with Microsoft Powerpoint and therefore wouldn’t no where to start to make one. if you can help it will greatly appreciated.

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