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Answer the following questions(please copy the question’s

Answer the following questions(please copy the question’s

Answer the following questions(please copy the question’s text before each of your answers) and submit themto your professor for grading. 1. Assume that at Pine ValleyFurniture products are composed of components, products are assigned tosalespersons, and components are produced by vendors. Also assume that in therelation PRODUCT (Prodname, Salesperson, Compname, Vendor), Vendor isfunctionally dependent on Compname and Compname is functionally dependent onProdname. Eliminate the transitive dependency in this relation and form 3NF(third normal form) relations.2. Transform the E-R diagram ofFigure 8-3 into a set of 3NF relations. Make up a primary key and one or morenon-keys for each entity.3. Transform the E-R diagram ofFigure 9-21 into a set of 3NF relations.4. Consider the list of individual3NF relations below. These relations were developed from several separatenormalization activities.PATIENT(Patient_ID,Room_Number, Admit_Date, Address)ROOM(Room_Number, Phone,Daily_Rate)PATIENT(Patient_Number,Treatment_Description, Address)TREATMENT(Treatment_ID,Description, Cost)PHYSICIAN(Physician_ID, Name,Department)PHYSICIAN(Physician_ID, Name,Supervisor_ID)(a) Merge these relations into aconsolidated set of 3NF relations. State whatever assumptions you considernecessary to resolve any potential problems you identify in the mergingprocess. (b) Draw an E-R diagram for your answer to part “a”.5. Consider the following 3NFrelations about a sorority or fraternity:MEMBER(Member_ID, Name,Address, Dues_Owed)OFFICE(Office_Name,Officer_ID, Term_Start_Date, Budget)EXPENSE(Ledger_Number,Office_Name, Expense_Date, Amt_Owed)PAYMENT(Check_Number,Expense_Ledger_Number, Amt_Paid)RECEIPT(Member_ID, Receipt_Date,Dues_Received)COMMITTEE(Committee_ID,Officer_in_Charge)WORKERS(Committee_ID,Member_ID)(a) Foreign keys are not indicatedin these relations. Decide which attributes are foreign keys and justify yourdecisions. (b) Draw an E-R diagram for these relations, using your answer topart “a”. (c) Explain the assumptions you made about cardinalities in youranswer to part “b”. Explain why it is said that the E-R data model is moreexpressive or more semantically rich than the relational data model.6. Consider the following functionaldependencies:Applicant_ID –> Applicant_NameApplicant_ID –>Applicant_AddressPosition_ID –> Position_TitlePosition_ID –>Date_Position_OpensPosition_ID –> DepartmentApplicant_ID + Position_ID –>Date_AppliedApplicant_ID + Position_ID +Date_Interviewed –> (Nothing)(a) Represent these attributes with3NF relations. Provide meaningful relation names. (b) Represent theseattributes using an E-R diagram. Provide meaningful entity and relationshipnames.7. Suppose you were designing a fileof student records for your university’s placement office. One of the fieldsthat would likely be in this file is the student’s major. Develop a codingscheme for this field that achieves the objectives outlined in Chapter 10 forfield coding.8. Suppose you created a file foreach relation in your answer to question “3” above. If the following queriesrepresented the complete set of accesses to this database, suggest and justifywhat primary and secondary key indices you would build.(a) For each PART in Item_Numberorder list in Vendor_ID, sequence all the vendors and their associated pricesfor that part. (b) List all PART RECEIPTs, including related PART fields forall the parts received on a particular day. (c) For a particular VENDOR, listall the PARTs and their associated prices that VENDOR can supply.

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