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8-10 pagesEssay on a theme/issue commonamong hyphenated Amer

8-10 pagesEssay on a theme/issue commonamong hyphenated Amer

8-10 pagesEssay on a theme/issue commonamong hyphenated Americans using comparative analysis of two works of fictionabout different groups. The workscould be short stories, books, or films; at least one must be a work that wasnot discussed in class, and you may not use a work you used for a previousassignment. The essay shouldcompare and contrast how the two works deal with a theme/issue surroundingidentity, including inter-group relationships, stereotypes anddiscrimination, living in borderlands, teens discovering who they want to be,people passing as something they are not, and people progressing into a newcommunity.  You should support your arguments using examples from the two works offiction, and you are expected to incorporate some of the concepts discussed inclass. The main focus should be on identity, and you are expected to includesome discussion of language. If you say that a character speaks AAVE or anotherlanguage variety, you are expected to give examples of distinctive linguisticfeatures used. Direct quotes from the works of fiction are encouraged.  In the past, thebest papers have been about two movies, books, or stories that have a lot incommon, such as My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Fools Rush In; Save the Last Danceand Step Up; Akeelah and the Bee and Stand and Deliver; Mulan and She’s the Man;Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and Guess Who; Finding Forrester and GoodWill Hunting.Options 1: In thefilms, Our Family Wedding and Jumping the Broom, dialogue is used to separate thebride and groom’s families through what they culturally, socially, and economicallyidentify as and stereotype others based on preconceived notions. Potential Problemfor Option 1: Our Family Wedding focuses on the union of an African Americanfamily and a Mexican American family, while Jumping the Broom is the union oftwo African American families that is separated socio-economically. The movieshave two ethnic groups, but both movies have a large African Americans ethnicidentity. Option 2: In thefilms, Stand and Deliver and The Great Debaters, characteristics in languageare used to emphasize the respective group’s associated ethnic identity andtheir struggle to break the stereotypical racial divide between whites andthose of color. You may want toconsider some of these questions when formulating your arguments:How do the characters deal with beinghyphenated Americans?How do the authors use language – innarration and dialogue – to portray the characters as belonging to multiplecommunities?Do the works deal with issues that areuniversal or specific to a particular ethnic group?Please submit a sentence or two aboutthe theme/issue you plan to write about, as well as the titles of the two worksof fiction you plan to analyze. If I have questions or concerns, I’ll contactyou by Tuesday. If you don’t hear from me by then, it means your proposal isfine.You will submit your proposed topic via Blackboard, andthe instructor will send you comments. You will submit a first draft, and therewill be a peer review process before you submit the final draft.Format1. Title2. Introduction– states main argument in an enticing way3. Body ofthe essay (could be organized film by film or sub-point by sub-point) – shouldinclude:a.  brief summaries of the two works of fiction(assume that your audience is not familiar with them, but only give enough infofor the reader to understand the rest of the paper)b.  support for your argument using analysis ofthe two works, focusing on at least three sub-points4. Conclusion– summarizes analysis in an interesting wayYour paper will be graded using the following rubric(don’t forget about the writing tips posted on Blackboard):(40 points) Examines identity and language, shows deepunderstanding of class concepts(20 points) Analysis, arguments, evidence from the texts(20 points) Structure, including unifying thesis, logicalorganization, and appropriate transitions(10 points) Writing style: clarity, conciseness, wordchoice, no repetition or unnecessary words(10 points) Mechanics: grammar, tense, punctuation,spelling, title, name, page numbersWhen selectingworks to analyze, you should choose works you like and are excited about. Yourlevel of interest in the topic is likely to shine through in your writing, andany professor prefers to read an interesting paper.

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