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7.84Given a binomial random variable withn= 10 andp= .3, use

7.84Given a binomial random variable withn= 10 andp= .3, use

7.84Given a binomial random variable withn= 10 andp= .3, use the formula to find the following probabilities. a.P(X= 3) b.P(X= 5) c.P(X= 8)7.97In the United States, voters who are neither Democrat nor Republican are calledIndependents. It is believed that 10% of all voters are Independents. A surveyasked 25 people to identify themselves as Democrat, Republican, or Independent. a.What is the probability that none of the people are Independent? b.What is the probability that fewer than five people are Independent? c.What is the probability that more than two people are Independent? 8.35X is normally distributed with mean 250 and standarddeviation 40. What value of X does only the top 15% exceed?8.42Travelbyusis an Internet-based travel agency wherein customers can see videos of thecities they plan to visit. The number of hits daily is a normally distributedrandom variable with a mean of 10,000 and a standard deviation of 2,400. a.What is the probability of getting more than 12,000 hits? b.What is the probability of getting fewer than 9,000 hits?Exercises 13.5to13.10are “what-if” analyses designed todetermine what happens to the test statistics and interval estimates whenelements of the statistical inference change. These problems can be solvedmanually, using the Excel spreadsheets you created or Minitab.13.5In randomsamples of 25 from each of two normal populations, we found the followingstatistics:a.Estimate the differencebetween the two population means with 95% confidence.b.Repeat part (a) increasing thestandard deviations tos1= 255 ands2= 260.c.Describe what happens when thesample standard deviations get larger.d.Repeat part (a) with samplesof size 100.e.Discuss the effects ofincreasing the sample size.13.8Randomsampling from two normal populations produced the following results: X1 = 412  S1= 128  n1 = 150 X2 = 405  S2= 54  n2 = 150a.Can we infer at the 5% significance level thatμ1is greater thanμ2?b.Repeat part (a) decreasing the standard deviations tos1= 31 ands2= 16.c.Describe what happens when the sample standard deviations get smaller.d.Repeat part (a) with samples of size 20.e.Discuss the effects of decreasing the sample size.f.Repeat part (a) changing the mean of sample 1 tox1 = 409g.Discuss the effect of decreasingx115.48A random sample of 50 observationsyielded the following frequencies for the standardized intervals:Interval   Frequency  z ≤ – 1   6- 1 1 3Can we infer that the data are notnormal? (Use α = .10.)The following exercises requirethe use of a computer and software.15.56Suppose that the personnel department inExercise15.55continued itsinvestigation by categorizing absentees according to the shift on which theyworked, as shown in the accompanying table. Is there sufficient evidence at the10% significance level of a relationship between the days on which employeesare absent and the shift on which the employees work?Shift   Monday Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  FridayDay   52   28  37  31  33  Evening 35  34  34  37  41

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