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1.  Which of the following is a good example of aPoisson di

1.  Which of the following is a good example of aPoisson di

1.  Which of the following is a good example of aPoisson distribution.A.  Perfect defective in a lotB.  Number of people living in large metropolinaareaC.  Number of hurricane per season in theAtlanticD.  None of the above2.  You wish to track the percent defective onshipment of raw material from a vendor what type of control chart would youuse.A.  P- ChartB.  IMR ChartC.  U- ChartD.  C- Chart3.  Within a rational subgroup, when> 1 whattype of variation would you expert.A.  Both within and between variationB.  Within variationC.  Between VariationD.  Convariance4.  In a statlistically valid survey about theKennedy assassination there was a conspiracy. If the sample statistic proportion for the response ‘true’ forthe question was  54.57% and it’s 95%confidence that the majority of people agreed with the conspiracy theory.A.  TrueB. False5.  The main purpose of a control chart is:A.  Plot the process over timeB. Show the process has statistically changedC. Distinguish between special and common causeD. Show the process is in statiscal control6. If you are measuring and tracking the highlevel matric of market share, what type of chart would you use.A. P- ChartB.   IMR ChartC.   Run ChartD.   EWWA or Cusum control chart7. In order for a lean six sigma team tounderstand the resistancethat members of an organization may have for aproposed recommendation and change, what tool would be most helpful.A.   Nominal Group TecniqueB. MindmappingC. BrainstormingD. Force Field analysis8.   What type of factors should be in acontrol plan?A.   The statistical analysis of the projectB. The project leader’s contact info ifthe process goes out of control againC. Operational defintra of the imput and/ oroutputD. All of the above9.   When using a multivariate controlchart what are some of the disadvantages of using control ellipse.A. You loose the time sequency in thischartB.  It becomes very difficult with morethan two variablesC.   You cannot determine which factorcause the out of control conditionD.   All of the aboveE. A and B10. You want to track the syntax errorper 1000 lines of code written.  Whattype of control chart would be available to you?A. NP ChartB. P ChartC. C ChartD. U and C chart11. When you change the confidencelevel from 95 % to 99% the confidence intervals get smaller you have a higherconfidence.A. TrueB.   False12. If you reject the nulkl hypothesiswhen in reality it was true, you have committed a:A.  Type I errorB. Type II errorC. Faux pasD. A and B13. What chart or charts could you use ifyou wanted to detect a small shift, less than 1.5 in the means.A. CusumB. I & MRC. EWMA & CUSUMD. All of the above14.   The average run length (ARL) for aShewart Control Chart while the process is still in control is?A.   1/PB. 1/alphaC. 1/BetaD. 1/(1-P)15.   What is the percent defective if youhave a one-sided specification and your standard normal variable Z is zero?A. < 10 %B.   > 90 %C.   About 25% D.   50 %

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