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1. What is adiscrete probability distribution?  Whatare th

1. What is adiscrete probability distribution?  Whatare th

1. What is adiscrete probability distribution?  Whatare the two conditions that determine a probability distribution?What is a discrete probabilitydistribution?  Choose the correct answer below.(a.)  A discrete probability distribution list eachpossible value a random variable can assume.(b.)A discrete probability distribution listseach possible value a random variable can assume, together with itsprobability.(c.)  Adiscrete probability distribution exclusively lists probabilities.(d.)None of the above.2. Decidewhether the random variable x is discrete or continuous.  Explain you reasoning.  Let x represent the temperature of a persontaken with a mercury thermometer.Is the random variable x discrete or continuous?Choosethe correct answer below.(a.)  Continuous, because x is a random variablethat cannot be counted.(b.)Discrete,because x is a random variable that can be counted.3. Afrequency distribution is shown below. Complete parts (a) through (e).The number of dogs per household in a smalltownDogsHouseholds0147714282170341427515(a) Use thefrequency distribution to construct a probability distribution.  X                         P(x)0                           ___1                            ___2                           ___3                           ___4                           ___5                           ___(Round to the nearest thousandthas needed)4.  Theexpected value of an accountant’s profit and loss analysis is 0.  Explain what this means.Choosethe correct answer below.(a.)  An expected value of 0 means that there wasnot any money gained or spent.(b.)Anexpected value of 0 mans that the average money gained is equal to the averagemoney spent, representing the break -even point.(c.)  Sincethe expected value cannot be less than 0, an expected value of 0 mans that theaverage money gained is equal to or less than the average money spent.(d.)Anexpected value cannot be equal to 0.5. In abinomial experiment, what does it mean to say that each trial is independent ofthe other trials?  Choose the correct answer below.(a.)  Each trial is independent of the other trialsif the outcome of one trial affects the outcome of another trial.(b.)Eachtrial is independent of the other trials if no more than one trial occurs at atime.(c.)  Eachtrial is independent of the other trials if the outcome of one trial does notaffect the outcome of any of the other trials.(d.)Eachtrial is independent of the other trials if the sum of all the possible trialoutcomes equals 1.6. About 50%of babies born with a certain ailment recover fully.  A hospital is caring for seven babies bornwith this aliment.  The random variable representsthe number of babies that recover fully. Decide whether the experiment is a binomial experiment.  If it is, identify a success, specify thevalues of n, p, and q, and list the possible values of the random variable x.Specify the value of n, Select thecorrect choice below and fill in answer boxes in your choice.(a.)  N=___(b.)Theanswer is undefined.7. Find themean, variance and the standard of the binomial distribution with the givenvalues of n and p.N=70, p=0.6Round to the nearest tenth as needed.8.  52%of men consider themselves professional baseball fans. You randomly select 10men and ask each if he considers himself a professional baseball fan.  Find the probability that the number whoconsider themselves baseball fans is  (a)exactly eight, (b) at least eight, and (c) less than eight.  If convenient, use technology to find theprobabilities.(a.)  P(8)= ___  Round to the nearest thousandth asneeded.

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