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1.  The correlation between high poverty and loweducational

1.  The correlation between high poverty and loweducational

1.  The correlation between high poverty and loweducational level is _____________________. 2.  Carl is under great stress, usually arriving atwork late, is often absent, and blames his unsatisfactoryhome life and his coworkers for his problems and has latelybeen complaining constantly about headaches and sleep loss. His boss also notes Carl’s poor work performance. If Carl’s situation continues to get worse, whatare two possible extreme diseases that may develop? 3.  Leo works in a print shop, where print jobs oftenarrive as ’emergency’ or ‘rush’ jobs,meaning he must constantly react to other people’sdemands and has no control over his schedule.  As aresult, he has developed high levels of stress over thepast year.  Leo’s problem is best explained by the___________ model of stress.4.  Jason, a young lawyer in a prestigious law firm,is anxious to get promoted, so he has begun working verylate every evening, taking work home over the weekend andneglecting his wife and children.  He is bestdescribed as a _______________________. 5. Melanie is anxious to graduate, so she plans on takingat least 4 to 5 courses each regular Fall and Springsemester, plus 3 courses each Summer session. However, after just 18 months she feels very tired,depressed and stressed.  Her academic counselor shouldadvise her that her stress problem is probably due to_____________________.  6.  After several disappointments in his romanticlife and two broken engagements, Mike is determined tonever get married.  When he develops a relationshipwith a new girlfriend, instead of a traditional courtshipand engagement, he proposes that they simply live togetherto ‘avoid the stress and expense of gettingmarried.’  The arrangement he proposes is bestunderstood as ___________________.7.  Don, a traveling salesman, is very ambitiousabout advancing in his career, so he works hard at it. However, after only five years, he notes increasedtension and arguments with his wife, feels depressed, andbegins abusing alcohol and prescription drugs.  Healso begins a sexual relationship with a co-worker. His behavior is best explained by the characteristicsand symptoms shown in the___________________________. 8.  Lara, a part-time community college student, isvery stressed because she fears her financial situation isout of control.  She has no idea how she will pay forthe next semester, her apartment rent, books, new clothes,a car payment and the Spring Break trip she hoped to takewith her friends to Mexico.  Knowing only this, herschool counselor should advise her that a good startingpoint in taking control of her financial situation is to__________________.9.  Martha, 83,  has had a long and useful lifeand she is concerned about minimizing the stress that herfamily survivors will face when she passes away. Martha says that if she is in a coma or vegetativestate at the end of her days, she wants no extraordinaryand expensive medical interventions to keep her alive whenthe time comes.  In Martha’s case, she should beadvised to complete a _______________________.  10. Albert was forced to retire from his job as acommercial airline pilot at age 65.  He wanted toremain useful and productive, so he looked for a job inaviation that would let him keep using his talents andexperience.  However, he became very  stressedwhen he realized that there seemed to be considerableprejudice in the aviation industry against hiring olderpersons, a concept best explained by the term______________________. 11. Often, counselors and psychologists try to convincepatients that, in order to solve or reduce their stressproblems, they should look at their problem in a differentway and change the way they think about it.  Thisapproach is best described by the concept of a___________________ intervention.  12. The greatest single negative influence onstudents’ academic performance is reported to be____________________. 13. Roberta is determined to graduate from college inthree years, so she signs up for five on-line courses eachsemester and two more evening courses at her localcommunity college.  Within a year she feels depressed,always tired and very stressed that her grades are gettingworse..  Her condition is best explained by theconcept of ______________________.  14. After having three children, Diane, age 44, isdetermined to bring her weight under control.  Shebegins a carefully planned diet and workout routine. Sheworks out with her next-door neighbor Ellen whom sheconsiders to be a good role model, self-monitors herbehavior, and records her continuing weight loss.  Asshe succeeds, her self-confidence continues to grow. Her belief that she can succeed in this effort isbest explained by the concept of _______________________. 15. Louis finally quit his job as a bartender because hesaid the late hours, overeating and drinking were ruininghis health.  He was determined to change all hisbehaviors at once and to lose fifty pounds in six months! If he asked you for advice, you should advise himthat such drastic changes are difficult to maintain andthat instead, he should try to change his behaviorsgradually and consistently, a process known as_____________________.  16. After two months of faithful yoga exercises, Gailfeels much better about her physical flexibility, postureand muscle tone.  She decides to reward herself with aspa treatment.  This type of tangible self-reward forher behavior is best explained by the concept of___________________.17. Don is a traveling salesman and often has very little control over his weekly schedule.  He isvery concerned about his continuing weight gain, poorappetite and family stress, but he cannot think of any wayto make things better.  The snags and situations thatinterfere with his ability to make a plan forself-improvement and behavioral change are best describedby the concept of ___________________.  18. Melvin, 21, graduated from high school just threeyears ago, but admits he has always been  a’couch potato.’  He is grossly overweight,has not exercised in years, and has already been warned byhis doctor that he should think about starting an exerciseprogram.  Melvin asks you what specific exercise heshould start with.  Considering his physicalcondition, you should advise him that if he is seriousabout exercising, he should start with what exercise?19. Tom admits he had a rather wild and aimless youth. However after marriage at age 34 and the birth of hisdaughter, his view of life changed and he now feels a senseof direction in his life and a connection to others.,especially to his family’s past and future.  Hisnew view of life is best explained by the concept of_______________. 20. Carlos, unable to control his stress, often feelstense and uneasy and has long been unable to control hishis unrealistic fears about school, work and family. On his worst days, a times, he feels very numb,sweats heavily and feels weak and about to faint.  Hiscondition is best described by the concept of _______________ .

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