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1. The central issue in the concept of efficient markets is:

1. The central issue in the concept of efficient markets is:

1. The central issue in the concept of efficient markets is:a. competitionb. anomaliesc. pricesd. information2. Assume ABC Company just announced that its earnings for the next quarter arelikely to be higher than stock analysis currently expect. If markets areinefficient, the stock of company ABC will adjust in price:a. after a time lagb. downwardc. upwardd. unpredictably.3. For a market to be efficient, a change in the price today for an individualstock must be independent of:a. a previous changeb. the trading activity of insidersc. changes in the price of other stocksd. activity in the options market4. Technical analysis is shown to be of little or no value in predicting futureprice changes by evidence that supports ________ market effiency.a. strong-formb. semistrong-formc. weak-formd. imperfect-form5. A substantial body of research exists to test the concept of semistrongmarket efficiency. The majority of this research falls into the category of:a. anomaly reviewsb. event studiesc. process speed examinationsd. assimilation tests6. Stockholders that own more than ________% of a company’s stock areconsidered insiders by the SEC.a. 10b. 20c. 30d. 407. An unexplained but commonly believed anomaly to the efficient markethypothesis is that higher returns can be generated through buying _______stocks that are currently unpopular with investors.a. cyclicalb. declining priced. low PE ratioc. low volume8. A striking paradox of the concept of efficient markets is that the moreinvestors seek ways to use information to generate superior returns, the morethis activity:a. discovers new anomaliesb delivers increasing returnsc. undermines the fairness of marketsd. helps to make the market more efficient9. The diversity of the US economy, with its many variables and moving parts,ensures that each business cycle is:a. uniqueb. prolongedc. diversifiedd. independent10. It is common practice among investment analysts to study measures of _______.They may be leading, coincident, or lagging and are used to evaluate componentsof economic activity that may affect stock prices.a. composite economic indicatorsb. overall industry trendsc. federal reserve activitiesd. global economic climate11. Historically, the stock market has been the most sensitive indicator of thebusiness cycle. This is primarily because:a. stocks are more volatile that other economic factorsb. investors are discounting the futurec. markets are only partially efficientd. recessions cause declines in stock prices12. It is clear that a strong correlation exists between interest rates and thebusiness cycle because every recession since World War 2 has been preceded bya:a. sharp correlation in bond pricesb. long term interest rate spikec. credit crisisd. downward sloping yield curve13. A useful way to look at movements in aggregate stock prices is tounderstand that they are determined by corporate earnings streams and:a. investor confidenceb. a market indexc. the PE ratiod. required returns14. A key linkage between the business cycle and aggregate stock prices is thatas interest rates rise, PE ratios decline. This follows logically frominvestors’ valuation decisions and particularly changes in:a. corporate earningsb. consumer confidencec. the discount rated. dividend payouts15. The Federal Reserve has developed a market forecasting model which wasgenerated a good deal of attention because of its simplicity and relativeaccuracy. The Fed model suggests decision rules based on the relationshipbetween the _______ and the _________.a. discount rate; leading economic indicatorsb. Dow Jones Industrial Average; business cyclec. prime lending rate; gross domestic productd. S&P 500 earnings yield, 10 year Treasury yield16. It is very likely that forecasting the performance of industries andsectors has increased in importance due to the recent trend towards:a. a collapse of high tech valuationsb. increasing cross-sectional volatilityc. greater influence of institutional investorsd. more discrete industry classifications17. The industry lifecycle stage that probably has the most rewardingcombination of potential capital appreciation and industry risk is the ______stage.a. expansionb. pioneeringc. stabilizationd. consolidation18. In addition to the business lifecyle, an important component ofsector/industry analysis is consideration of qualitative factors. Key amongthese are competition, government affects, and:a. economics of scaleb. barriers to entrancec. structural changesd. the regulatory environment19. Companies in a ______ industry are likely to see the greatest downwardstock price pressure during a recession.a. growthb. defensivec. interest-sensitived. cyclical20. Given the wealth of information available to investors, one might concludethat selecting the most promising industries over the short term is an easyexercise. One key reason this is NOT the case is that history has shown that:a. the Federal Reserve gives no information on the expected direction ofinterest ratesb. earnings estimates are notoriously inaccuratec. dividend payouts by companies are frequently changedd. political elections can cause markets to react unpredictably.

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