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1. (TCO 10) Salesforce appraisals are important to a sales m

1. (TCO 10) Salesforce appraisals are important to a sales m

1. (TCO 10) Salesforce appraisals are important to a sales manager because they:(Points : 5) provide evidence for disciplinary action. provide opportunities to motivate salespeople. determine raises. determine adjustments to territories.  all of the above2. (TCO 10) The follow-up step in the selling process means:(Points : 5) making sure that the product is delivered on time. making sure that the product is delivered according to specifications. taking time to get referrals for more sales. all of the above none of the above3. (TCO 9) Why is it sometimes difficult for sales managers to recognize an ethical problem?(Points : 5) Sales managers may not be trained to identify these problems. The activities in question are not specifically prohibited by company rules or legislation. Other firms in the industry employ the questioned activities. Sales managers are paid to increase revenue, and they sometimes use unethical tactics in their rush to boost sales. All of the above4. (TCO 9) A code of moral behavior followed by a particular group is best termed as:(Points : 5) secularization. Disabilities Act. Robinson-Patman Act. workplace etiquette. ethics.5. (TCO 8)George is the senior salesperson on your staff who is in the maintenancecareer stage. Which of the following is least likely to motivateGeorge?(Points : 5) Introduce significant rewards other than money (such as more vacation time) Expand his role as a sales specialist in group decision making Encourage him to use his knowledge in new and creative ways. Promotion to sales manager6. (TCO 8)Getting a salesperson to prospect for new business, calling on thosepotential customers that fit your marketing strategy, and providing thedrive to maintain a regular prospecting schedule, describe whichcharacteristic of effort?(Points : 5) The drive to initiate action on a task The quality of effort on a task The persistence to expend effort over a period of time All of the above are characteristics of effort. Noneof the above is a characteristic of effort because a person’s effortlevel ultimately cannot be affected by outside factors.7. (TCO 8)According to the text, the qualifications and rewards of an effectivesales incentive program should be set with the following objective inmind: (Points : 5) Set the reward level so that all salespeople having an opportunity to win the top prize. Set the reward level so that only the top 10% have a legitimate chance to win something. Set the reward level to have one or two grand prizes that the top salespeople will have an opportunity to win. Set the reward level that will motivate the middle 60% of the salesforce. Set the reward level so that the contest lasts for at least one full year.8. (TCO 8)_______________ are more optimistic goals used to stimulate thesalesforce, whereas _______________ are the maximum share of demand ineach product market that a multi-product firm can attain under idealconditions, and are generally unrealistic objectives.(Points : 5) Sales forecasts, quotas Quotas, sales forecasts Quotas, sales potentials Sales potentials, quotas9. (TCO 7)As a newly hired salesperson, you have been assigned to a territorywhere your manager basically communicates in a style that informs you ofwhen and how to close a sale, with little opportunity for feedback orquestions from you. This is an example of which leadership style?(Points : 5) Telling Delegating Supporting Selling Authoritative10. (TCO 7)As a sales manager, you go out of your way to personally demonstrateproper selling technique to salespeople, show up on time to meetings andappointments, and always present a professional image throughappropriate dress and grooming. Your actions are likely seen by yoursales staff as:(Points : 5) consistent with those behaviors from a boss. a part of coaching called role modeling. a part of feedback called mirroring. a part of image management to get a promotion. None of the above11. (TCO 7)You hired an outside consultant trainer to provide training onrelationship selling. One of your salespeople is heckling and disruptingthe training specialist during his presentation with comments such as:“I’ve been doing relationship selling for the past five years; tell mesomething new.” The best situation for effective coaching in thissituation would most likely be:(Points : 5) during the sales meeting and in front of everybody. within one of the smaller breakout groups later on. one-on-one during a break. with several other salespeople after the entire training session is over. None of the above12. (TCO 7)’Before we go in to this account, what is your objective for this call?’This question is primarily asked to observe a salesperson’s developmentin which area?(Points : 5) Planning Attitude Knowledge Selling skills Probing skills13. (TCO 6) Why is F.A.B. used in the sales Presentation step?(Points : 5) F.A.B. adds pizzazz to any sales presentation. It is a good way to catch the prospect off guard. F.A.B. clearly presents the logic of the purchase decision. It is a great way to close any sale. None of the above14. (TCO 6)Proctor & Gamble’s management realized that their salespeople neededgreater working knowledge of how to sell across functional areas tocustomers. As a result, Proctor & Gamble provided training for itssalespeople on:(Points : 5) managing their time. understanding teamwork. industry knowledge. general marketing knowledge. understanding the importance of adapting their sales presentations to their customer personalities.15. (TCO 6)One of your first tasks as the new sales manager is to design a salestraining program for the salesforce. A complete training needs analysisincludes all of the following except:(Points : 5) management observation of salespeople. review of the firm’s strategic objectives. customer input into areas of needed training. salesperson performance records. a review of the state of the art in training facilities.

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