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 1.  Suppose a class GroceryBill keeps track of a list of

 1.  Suppose a class GroceryBill keeps track of a list of

 1.  Suppose a class GroceryBill keeps track of a list of items being purchased at a market:  public GroceryBill(Employee clerk)  Constructs a grocery bill object for the given clerk public void add(Item i)  Adds the given item to this bill public double getTotal()  Returns the total cost of these items public void printReceipt()  Prints a list of items  Grocery bills interact with Item objects, each of which has the public methods that follow. A candy bar item might  cost 1.35 with a discount of 0.25 for preferred customers, meaning that preferred customers get it for 1.10. (Some  items will have no discount, 0.0.) Currently the preceding classes do not consider discounts. Every item in a bill is charged full price, and item discounts are ignored.  public double getPrice()  Returns the price for this item public double getDiscount()  Returns the discount for this item  Define a class DiscountBill that extends GroceryBill to compute discounts for preferred customers. Its constructor accepts a parameter for whether the customer should get the discount. Your class should also adjust the total reported for preferred customers. For example, if the total would have been $80 but a preferred customer is getting  $20 in discounts, and then getTotal should report the total as $60 for that customer. Also keep track of the number of items on which a customer is getting a nonzero discount and the sum of these discounts, both as a total amount and  as a percentage of the original bill. Include the extra methods that follow, which allow a client to ask about the discount. Return 0.0 if the customer is not a preferred customer or if no items were discounted.  public DiscountBill(Employee clerk, boolean preferred) Constructs bill for given clerk public int getDiscountCount()  Returns the number of items that were discounted, if any public double getDiscountAmount()  Returns the total discount for this list of items, if any public double getDiscountPercent()  Returns the percent of the total discount as a percent of what the total would have been otherwise

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