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1. Semanticity is a term used by linguists to mean: (Points

1. Semanticity is a term used by linguists to mean: (Points

1. Semanticity is a term used by linguists to mean: (Points : 1)                                   the word used to name an object suggests the same mental image of the named object.                                   the word used to name an object suggests a different mental image of the named object.                                   the word used to name an object suggests no mental images.                                   the word used to name an object suggests multiple mental images.              2. The term discrimination, when used to describe learning and stimuli refers to: (Points : 1)                                  the process the brain uses when distinguishing between two stimuli that are similar and how the brain might respond.                                   repetition of the same stimuli in experiments to ensure the same conditioned response.                                   random stimuli on the same subject to determine if salivation occurs.                                   inhibitory connection between stimuli and response.              3. The Doctrine of Determinism is based on: (Points : 1)                          heredity and free will.                                   heredity and conditioning.                                   heredity and perseverance.                                   heredity and environment.              4. Animals are frequently used in psychological research experiments because: (Points : 1)                                  only multiple variables can be manipulated simultaneously.                                   only one variable can be manipulated at a time.                                   only the environment can be manipulated.                                   only the subjects can be manipulated.              5. Olds and Milner (1954) performed experiments on rats to determine: (Points : 1)                                  the brain’s role in human emotion.                                   the brain’s role in drug addiction.                                   the brain’s role in the tolerance of pain.                                   the brain’s role in narcolepsy.              6. Western civilization embraces: (Points : 1)                                  determinism.                                   free will.                                   randomization.                                   insignificance.              7. In science, a law is: (Points : 1)                                  the relationship between event A and event B.                                   the ability to predict event B based on the existence of A.                                   the relationship between event B and event C based on A.                                   the ability to predict event A and event B.              8. The intensity of an association determines its: (Points : 1)                                  strength.                                   order.                                   regularity.                                   contiguity.              9. When a new neuron is formed, an electrical signal arrives at the __________ of the first neuron, causing the release of chemicals known as _____________________________. (Points : 1)                                  motor neuron, synaptic cleft                                   synaptic cleft, terminals                                   neurotransmitters, terminals                                   terminals, neurotransmitters              10. Wilhelm Wundt is known for his research relating to introspection. During the use of this technique, participants receive: (Points : 1)                                  subliminal messages from the researcher and are asked if they remember the messages.                                   a stimulus from the researcher and are asked to describe the stimulus.                                   a stimulus from the researcher and are asked to describe their sensations.                                   a stimulus from the researcher and are asked to suppress their emotions.              Time Remaining:

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