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1. Question:Being honest, fair, structuring, managing, and e

1. Question:Being honest, fair, structuring, managing, and e

1. Question:Being honest, fair, structuring, managing, and executingnegotiations that are ‘win/win’ result inAAstrengthened relationship with the opponentBPositiverelationships with colleagues and opponentsCFavorableagreements for both partiesDAllof the above2. Question:Instructions to Offerors would be found in which part of theFederal Uniform Contract Format?APartIBPartsII and IIICPartIIIDPartIV3. Question:Fundamentally, negotiations are a process consisting of fourelements. Which one does NOT belong?ATheconsideration offered is sufficient to support the agreementBSecuringan agreement between the parties with different needs and goalsCEachparty benefits from establishing the agreementDEachparty has something to offer to the other4. Question:It is through a process of elimination, or rather failures, overtime that we begin to determine the key elements that make the negotiationequation work. Those two key elements areI. Strong/polished sales skillII. Strong/polished skillIII. Effective manipulatorIV. Effective intuitive insightV. Effective strategiesAIand II onlyBIand III onlyCIIand IV onlyDIIand V only5. Question:Questions in a negotiation can operate as a tool to the process.One should utilize questions toAGaininformationBGainparticipationCReducetensionDAllof the above6. Question:Letting the opposition speak first is strategically critical asthey will tell you what they want. This allows you to gain which of thefollowing specific advantages?I. Tailor your negotiation plan in real timeII. It gives the opponent a sense ofsatisfaction to lay his cards on the tableIII. It reinforces how you meet your opponent’sexpressed needsIV. You are now in the driver’s seat as to whatdirection the negotiation takes nextAI,III, and IVBIICIIand IIIDAllof the above7. Question:Failure to evaluate the first offer speaks of many shortcomings,but most importantly it says you are willing to settle for anything or less.It also says that your objectives and goals are not that important, that youare easy, or it could say that you are incompetent and do not know the valueof the deal. Finally, it sets a precedent, which is costly on many levels.ATrueBFalse8. Question:Failing to have a backup plan of options, viable alternatives,various strategies, minimum/maximum for every major point and identified’give me’s/trump cards’ guarantees losses on many levels that couldbe significant and even unrecoverable. As long as the human element isinvolved, you cannot predict the negotiation outcome and assume that you knowthe opposition based upon past dealings.ATrueBFalse 9. Question:Always evaluate an offer to determine the strategy behind it. A’low ball’ offer could be an indicator thatI. The offeror is insulting your intelligence and is a jerkII. The offeror has room to moveIII. The offeror is incompetent and should betaken advantage ofIV. The offeror enjoys the game and wants you towork for itAI and IIIBII and IVCIII and IVDII and III10. Question:The execution phase of negotiation is an art requiring twolevels of skill:1.) having the creativity and flexibility to smoothly and seamlesslyinterject a wide spectrum of emotions2.) possessing an intuitive nature to know how,when and to what degree emotions and drama should be interjected into theprocessATrueBFalse11. Question:The following are all competitive methods EXCEPTACompetitiveproposalBReverseauctionCSinglesourceDSealedbid  12. Question:There is common ground in the understanding of tactics executedfor both business and personal negotiations. However, it must be recognizedthat each possesses intrinsic differences. Correspondingly, their stakes,their assigned value, and the degree of importance involved are definitelyunrelated.ATrueBFalse13. Question:The best negotiators are listeners who observe both verbal andnonverbal communication skills. However, learning to be a good listener isnot easy. It requires skill to be able to focus and demonstrate patience andattention to detail, specificallyI. Word choiceII. Slang versus acronymsIII. Sentence structureIV. Dialect and formalityV. Voice skills inclusive of pitch, tone andrate of speechVI. None of the aboveAIIBI,II, IIICI,III, and VDVI14. Question:Do not narrow the scope of negotiation down to one issue.Develop a number of deal points or ‘give me’s’ and utilize them todefuse deadlocks. Doing so provides one with several advantages. Identifywhich of the following is NOT an advantageAItallows you to lead the negotiationBItreinforces your credibility and level of trustCItallows you to seek greater concessionsDNoneof the above15. Question:To respond accordingly to the distinctive differences as well asthe other factors regarding a personal versus a business negotiation, it iscritical that one understands the distinctions in addition to ____________.AWeighingeach against the other, eliminating and addressing the more valid andcritical distinctions as part of the negotiation processBAppreciatinghow to tailor/execute the basic tools to meet the needs of each diversesituationCHavingthe skill to evaluate the distinctions in terms of their essential valueDHavingthe ability to identify alternative factors minimizing the diversificationWeek Six (6) -Test Three (3).doc

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