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1.Multiple inheritance is the capability to inherit more tha

1.Multiple inheritance is the capability to inherit more tha

1.Multiple inheritance is the capability to inherit more thanone method from a parent class.A) TrueB) False2.The call stack is where the computer stores the list ofexceptions.A) TrueB) False3.A method is a program module that contains a series ofstatements that carry out a task.A) TrueB) False4.What is one item that must be included in a method’s headerif it can receive a parameter?A) local parameter nameB) global parameter nameC) parameter’s clientD) return data structure5.A catch block consists of four different elements: thekeyword catch, followed by parentheses that contain an exception type andidentifier, statements that take action to handle the error condition, anendcatch statement, and a return statement.A) TrueB) False6.Overloaded methods have the same name and parameter lists.A) TrueB) False7.What is the screen output of the following code segment?Explain the reasoning behind your answer.Test1 = 70Test2 = 80Test3 = 84NumberOfTests = 3Average = (Test1 + Test2 + Test3) / NumberOfTestsIF Average >= 90 THEN  Output “Great job”  Output “Youraverage is: ”, AverageELSEIF Average >= 80 or Average <=89 THEN   Output “Nice work”  Output “Youraverage is: “, AverageELSE  Output : “YourAverage is:”, Average  Output “, You willdo better next time!”ENDIFHTML Editor8.A(n) ____ statement indicates the end of the catch block inthe pseudocode.A) finalcatchB) finallyC) endcatchD) stop9.A method’s ____ consists of the method’s statements.A) bodyB) spaceC) spaceD) group10.Unreachable code statements are program statements that onlyexecute if there is an exception.A) TrueB) False11.Write a method that will perform the a division operation(divide by) on the numbers passed to it in two variables (numerator,denominator) and outputs the results. Use a try-catch pair to output an errormessage if the illegal operation of divide by 0 occurs.HTML Editor12.Simple non-array variables are usually passed to methods by____.A) valueB) referenceC) typeD) class13.When a variable is declared within a method, it ceases toexist when the method ends.A) TrueB) False14.Class diagrams are a type of ____ diagram.A) Unified Illustration LanguageB) Unified Modeling LanguageC) Object-Oriented Modeling LanguageD) Unified Pseudocode Language15.Creating multiple methods with the same name, which will actdifferently and appropriately when used with different types of objects, isknown as polymorphism.A) TrueB) False16.A parent class is the same thing as a base class.A) TrueB) False17.When a data field is private, it is said to be ____ to anyclass other than the one in which it is defined.A) uninheritableB) implicitC) unreachableD) inaccessible18.When a main() method needs to use another method, it calls,or invokes it.A) TrueB) False19.Everything is an object, and every object is a member of a____.A) classB) methodC) caseD) process20.Methods are sometimes called ____.A) segmentsB) modulesC) classesD) routines21.You can write as many constructors for a class as you want,as long as they all have different ____ lists.A) objectB) data fieldC) methodD) parameter22.A child class contains all the data fields and ____ of itsparent.A) parametersB) classesC) methodsD) procedures23.When illegal division by 0 takes place, an Exception objectis not created automatically by the object-oriented language application.A) TrueB) False24.The memory location known as the ____ is where the computerstores the list of method locations to which the system must return.A) method stackB) location stackC) call stackD) store location25.When appropriate, specialized ____ classes provide anelegant way for you to handle error situations.A) ExceptionB) ErrorC) ConstructorD) Event26.An instance method or constructor may be overloaded byproviding the same name and ____ argument list.A) a differentB) the sameC) a largerD) a smaller27.A ____ reference is an automatically created variable thatholds the address of an object and passes it to an instance method whenever themethod is called.A) keyB) publicC) thatD) this28.A(n) ____ is one instance of a class.A) methodB) objectC) instantiationD) attribute29.Libraries are collections of classes that serve relatedpurposes.A) TrueB) False30.Methods can be ____ correctly by providing differentparameter lists for methods with the same name.A) updatedB) testedC) overloadedD) passed31.Global variables are known to the entire class.A) TrueB) False32.What will be the output of the below program? List what willbe outputed to the screen and explain your answer.class Class_name  main()  //Declarations  numindex  num SIZE= 10  numnumbers[SIZE] = 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0  index = 0  whileindex < SIZE numbers[index]= index * 10 index = index + 1 endwhile    output“The Output is: ”  whileindex > 0 index = index – 1 output numbers[index]  endwhile  returnendClassHTML Editor33.Design a class named CustomerRecord that holds a customernumber, name, and address. Include methods to set the values for each datafield and output the values for each data field. Create the class diagram andwrite the code (not language specific, ie. psuedocode) that defines the class.HTML Editor34.A ____ is one that sends an exception object out of a methodso it can be handled elsewhere.A) catch statementB) throw methodC) catch blockD) throw statement35.The object-oriented techniques to manage errors such asdividing a value by 0 comprise the group of methods known as ____.A) exception handlingB) error handlingC) exception processingD) error processing36.A class diagram consists of a ____ divided into threesections.A) squareB) rectangleC) circleD) triangle37.A ____ is a segment of code that can handle an exceptionthat might be thrown by the try block that precedes it.A) catch methodB) throw blockC) catch blockD) throw statement38.The ability to use methods without knowing the details oftheir contents is a feature of ____.A) abstractionB) encapsulationC) inheritanceD) construction39.An object is a category of things.A) TrueB) False40.A method can be used more than once within a program or inother programs.A) TrueB) False41.A constructor may require ____.A) parametersB) methodsC) objectsD) inheritance42.Programmers refer to hidden implementation details asexisting in a ____.A) white boxB) white holeC) black boxD) black hole43.____ is the process of creating a new, derived class from abase class.A) AccessibilityB) EncapsulationC) InheritanceD) Polymorphism44.____ variables and constants are those that are known to anentire class.A) GlobalB) LocalC) UniversalD) Comprehensive

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