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1. Large facilities where meetings and expositions are held

1. Large facilities where meetings and expositions are held

1. Large facilities where meetings and expositions are held, usually in city centers, are known as ___________. (Points : 1)  conference centers  convention and visitors bureaus  destination centers  convention centers2. An event that brings together sellers of products and services, where they can show their wares to a group of attendees is known as a ______________. (Points : 1)  convention  trade show or exposition  symposium  clinic3. Which type of event often has a theme based on the celebration’s purpose; for example, Mardi Gras, which celebrates the beginning of Lent? (Points : 1)  Festival  Fair  Wedding  Sports4. An assembly for the discussion of common concerns that features experts in a given field who take opposite sides of an issue in a panel discussion and includes the opportunity for audience participation is known as a ___________. (Points : 1)  forum  seminar  clinic  symposium5. The annual meeting has ended and you are at the post-convention meeting with members of the hotel staff, the host company and your special events team. Together you are reviewing the successes and challenges of the event. Which stage of the event planning process are you involved in? (Points : 1)  Planning  Evaluation  Coordination  Research6. Incentive houses work with companies to set up incentive plans for company employees to motivate them. (Points : 1)  True  False 7. Incentive houses work with companies to ________________. (Points : 1)  provide free vacations for all employees  set up incentive plans for company employees to motivate them  create competitions between departments to see who can generate the most sales  design T-shirts and other promotional items to give to clients8. The client has hired you as their special event coordinator. You are working with the corporate team to plan the budget, select the event site, and negotiate the entertainment contracts. What phase of the meeting planning process are you involved in? (Points : 1)  Planning  Coordination  Research  Evaluation9. Which of the following positions would be the least likely member of a destination management company? (Points : 1)  Audio-visual specialist  Account manager  Chef  Operations manager10. A workshop-style educational experience where attendees learn by doing is known as a ___________. (Points : 1)  forum  seminar  clinic  symposium

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