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1. How can consumers know if a product contains trans fat if

1. How can consumers know if a product contains trans fat if

1. How can consumers know if a product contains trans fat if it’s not identified on the nutrition label?A. The best option is to contact your physician and ask the physician togive you the names of foods that contain trans fats and therefore put aperson at risk for heart disease.B. There isn’t a definite way to tell by the ingredient label; however,you can memorize the product names that contain trans fats.C. If the list contains high levels of sugar, it automatically means it contains trans fats.D. If the ingredient list includes the words ‘shortening,’ ‘partiallyhydrogenated vegetable oil’ or ‘hydrogenated vegetable oil,’ the foodcontains trans fat.2. To limit foods that have no %DV of ingredients such as trans fat and sugar you should ________________.A. compare the labels of similar products and choose the food with the lowest amount.B. compare the labels of different products and choose the one that has the highest amount.C. try to remember what you have eaten to be sure you are not getting too much.D. look at the product and decide if you think it has trans fat and sugar.3. One serving of this product provides ________ percentage of the total fat intake. Nutrition Facts – 3%B. 90%C. 20%D. 25%4. The percent daily value on a food label is based on our personal dietary goals.A. falseB. true5. Standardized serving sizes:A. are not requiredB. make nutritional comparisons of similar products easierC. gives the percent daily value of a productD. lists the ingredients of a product6. Which one of the nutrients listed below has a direct, provenrelationship to increasing LDL (‘bad’) cholesterol levels and therefore,an increased risk of coronary heart disease?A. Trans fatty acidsB. CarbohydratesC. CalciumD. Protein7. The food label law is mandatory for the following foods:A. ready-to-eat foods at a bakery, deli, and/or candy storeB. most foods except meat and poultryC. medical foodsD. coffee, tea and spices8. Which is NOT an example of a claim food labels can make about therelationship between a nutrient or food and a disease or health-relatedcondition?A. Calcium helps prevent osteoporosisB. Will make you thinnerC. Reduces risk of heart diseaseD. Helps prevent cancer9. The following are voluntary components a manufacturer may choose to included on the food label:A. total caloriesB. cholesterolC. sodiumD. calories from saturated fat

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