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(1) Discuss theobjectives and expected outcomes of the requ

(1) Discuss theobjectives and expected outcomes of the requ

(1) Discuss theobjectives and expected outcomes of the requirements workflow of systemsdevelopment. What activities must take place during this phase? One particulartechnique presented in class was prototyping:discuss this technique in the overall context of the requirements workflow andexplain its potential benefits and pitfalls, and how to mitigate its potentialdisadvantages. (10)(2) StaticallySapient University has commissioned you to perform a detailed analysis of the current information system used by the Registrar’s Office tokeep track of student’s academic records. Develop a detailed plan that you willfollow in order to accomplish this task. For each activity that you will engagein, state the activity, the goal(s) of the activity, and the outcomes(deliverables) of the activity. The activities should be sequenced in the orderin which you intend to perform them. Youranswer for this question will be the plan to be followed, not the result of ‘applying’or ‘implementing’ that plan! (10)(3) Discuss thedifferences in object-oriented (OO) programming languages and’pre-object-oriented’ (also known as procedural or “classic”)programming languages. In particular, address the approach taken to dataaccessibility/visibility for each of the two language types: a.  Why might the OO approach be considered to be better,what specific benefits does the approach generate, and what are the costsassociated with the OO approach? (5)b.  Why might the ‘pre-OO’ approach be consideredinferior, what problems can manifest themselves that the OO approach virtuallyeliminates, and what specific benefits might the pre-OO approach generate? (5)(4) Scenario: You arepart of a development team that is responsible for converting data from alegacy (already existing) system so that the data can be incorporated into anew ERP system. During the process of examining the existing system and itsdata, you discover that several date fields were mismanaged by the existingsoftware, resulting in the company writing off computer hardware expendituresat 1000% (ten times) the rate allowed by law. a. Based on theACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and/or the equivalent IEEEguidelines, how (in general terms) are you supposed to react? State at leastfive points/subpoints that apply to this situation. (5)b.  As a developer, adhering to the ACM / IEEE Code can berelatively simple and straightforward, or can be quite problematic.  i. Assume that yoursupervisor acknowledges your findings and brings up the problem at the nextmeeting with management. What (if any) additional/continuing obligations do youthen have? (5) ii. Assume that yoursupervisor tells you to ignore what you have found, and to just ‘fix the rulesand the data’ so that the problem will not be allowed to migrate into thenew system. What (if any) additional/continuing obligations do you then have? (5)(5) Define anddiscuss the terms process methodologyand technique. Include: how they arerelated and how they differ; how they affect the development of a system; howthey influence testing; how they affect design. (10)(6) Define anddiscuss the terms cohesion and coupling.  Both terms can be measured against a spectrumor range (from ‘low’ to ‘high’): for each term, describe the advantages and/or disadvantages as therange is traversed. How do these concepts relate to the design andimplementation of programs in an object-oriented environment? Use yourknowledge of Java and other OO languages to reinforce your answer. Repeatedwarning from the exam instructions: this is not an exercise in simplyassembling facts and most definitely not an exercise in copying text.(10)(7) Define the term qualityin the context of software engineering. Relate this definition to thedefinition of ‘quality’ in other engineering disciplines and to theexpectation of what ‘quality’ means to the general public. Includethe terms validation and verification in your discussion, usingthem in the context of SQA and in the context of user expectations. (7)(8) One aspect of theprocess of ‘testing software’ is determining the behavioralproperties that are to be evaluated. Along with correctness, additional behavioral properties include utility,reliability, robustness, and performance. Discuss each ofthese properties and how they relate to ‘correctness’ and tothe users’ perception of the software. (8)(9) Program/systemtesting is a component of the systems design process that is commonlyunder-emphasized, poorly organized, and poorly implemented. State what theobjectives of testing are (be thorough!), then describe a process thatwould allow and require maximum thoroughness in the design and implementationof a test plan, stating what the objective (purpose) of each step of yourprocess would be. Be thorough. (10)

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