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1.  Describethe cycle of money, the participants in the cyc

1.  Describethe cycle of money, the participants in the cyc

1.  Describethe cycle of money, the participants in the cycle, and the common objective of borrowing and lending.2.  Distinguish the fourmain areas of finance and briefly explain the financial activities that each encompasses.3.  Explain the differentways of classifying financial markets.4.  Discuss the threemain categories of financial management.5.  Identify the mainobjective of the finance manager and how that objective might be achieved.6.  Explain how thefinance manager interacts with both internal and external players.7.  Delineate the threemain types of business organizations and their respective advantages and disadvantages.8.  Illustrate agencytheory and the principal-agent problem. 9.  Review issues incorporate governance and business ethics.1.  Explainthe foundations of the balance sheet and income statement2.  Use the cash flowidentity to explain cash flow.3.  Provide some contextfor financial reporting.4.  Recognize and viewInternet sites that provide financial information.1.  Debits always equal credits. Whattype of accounting system uses this requirement? What is the accountingidentity? What is the connection between “debitsalways equal credits” and the accounting identity?2.  From the incomestatement accounts below,a.  produce theincome statement for the year.b.   produce the operating cash flow for the year.IncomeStatement Accounts for the Year Ending 2007Cost of Goods Sold$1,420,000Interest Expense$  218,000Taxes$  318,000Revenue$2,984,000SG&A Expenses$  450,000Depreciation$  250,0003.  Since1950, the interest rates for long-term government bonds have averaged a higherinterest rate than short-term government bonds. Why?  4.  During what decadefrom 1950 to 1999 did we see the highest interest rates in the United States?  5.  What is a bond? Whatdetermines the price of this financial asset?    6. Whatis the primary difference between an annual bond and a semiannual bond? Whatchanges do you need to make in finding the price of a semiannual bond versus anannual bond?    7. Whenwe talk about the yield of a bond, we usually mean the yield to maturity of thebond. Why?  8.  Whatare three key features of common stock?    9.  What are the differences between authorized,issued, and outstanding shares?    10.  What is the role of the investment bankerin the primary sale of common stock?    11.  What are the potential repercussions if theinvestment banker does not perform the due diligence task?     12.  What is the function of a specialist in thesecondary market?    13.  What is a bid price and what is an askprice?     14.  What is the difference between preferredstock and common stock?

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