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1. Define a short proposal for a research paper? (denotative

1. Define a short proposal for a research paper? (denotative

1. Define a short proposal for a research paper? (denotative meaning)2. Define a thesis statement: 3. Explicate the purpose of an Annotated Bibliography. Analytical 4. Explicate the purpose of an ABSTRACT 5. Explain the use or purpose of in text citations in MLA and APA research papers:6. Discuss the following statement: The content of a research paper is not a collection of ideas transmitted by experts in books and articles; it is an expression of your own ideas as supported by the scholarly evidence.7. What is a Block Quotation in APA?  Does the format change in MLA?8. The use of verb tense in MLA and APA are taken into consideration when submitting the final research paper: EXPLAIN9. What is a secondary source?10. Name three major differences the bibliographic styles of MLA and APA     a.     b.     c.35pts. Change the following 7 (5pts. each) citations formatted in MLA to APA –In the revisions, please do not include the MLA entry.1.  Scholarly Journal  Joseph, Craig.“Things Fall Apart.” Reader’s Review 29.4 (Fall 2010): 21 – 40. Print.2.  BookEspinosa, Vanda. The Heart Knows the Truth. Miami: McLauglin, 2012. Print3.  Peer-reviewed journalKlenine, Stephanie, and Andrew Small. “China’s New Diplomacy Policies.” Foreign Affairs 87.1 (Jan. 2008): 38-56. Print.  4. Book with an Anonymous Author    The Song of Roland. Trans. W.S. Merwin. New York: Random, 2006. Print. 5. Book with an edition  Garrod, Andrew C., and Lincoln Child. Adolescent Portraits: Identity, Relationships, and Challenges. 6th ed. Boston: Ally & Bacon, 2007. Print  6, Article from an electronic WWW site: scholarly journal  Osilla, Karen. “A Brief Invention for At-Risk Drinking in Teens,” Journal of Alcohol and Drugs 69 (2008): 14-20. Web. 2 Jan. 2008.   [ &drugs.html]7. Newspaper in one section Samuel, Amari. “Stop the Bleeding.” Daily News 21 Feb. 2012: 2 – 3. Print. 25 pts. Essay:  One objective of Argumentation in research is to teach the student how to respond critically and objectively to scholarly research/resources i.e., show both sides of an issue. In a well-developed essay (5 – 7 paragraphs), discuss your treatment of the following controversial topic: proponents, opponents, and neutral perspectives.NRA: An American Right to Bear Arms—“Do nottake our guns away from us!”

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