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1.  A software project has beenestimated to cost $1,200,000

1.  A software project has beenestimated to cost $1,200,000

1.  A software project has beenestimated to cost $1,200,000 and take 14 months. Given the average projectoutcomes from the Standish Group’s CHAOS report discussed at the beginning ofChapter 1 in the text, if the project completes at all what will its actual costand schedule more likely turn out to be?2. Can you describe a softwareproject that was a net money loser for an organization? Who was thatorganization? What was the project? When did it happen? How much money do youthink was spent on the project? How much, if any, do you think the softwareproject recovered? Justify your answers.3. Assume that Zymurgenics, Inc. hadgross revenues of $22,500,000 last year. Various costs for labor, material,operating expenses, etc. totaled $20,150,000. Income taxes amounted to$822,500. What was their actual profit for the year? What was their profitmargin?4. If youare currently employed, what are your company’s sources of gross revenue (whatkinds of products an services does your company sell)? If you are not currentlyemployed, choose a company and answer the question.5.  If you are currently working on a softwareproject team, estimate the total number of person-years that will be spent tocomplete that project. State that estimate as part of your answer to thisquestion. If you are not currently working on a software project team, orcannot estimate the total labor of your project, assume a labor estimateof  12.5 person-years. Calculate thelabor cost of the estimated project using an FTE rate of $185,000 per year.6.  Name atleast one situation, other than what was already identified in the text or inclass, where the concepts and techniques in this book would be useful inhelping you make important decisions about your own personal finances.7.  Consider a proposed in-house project at anovernight package delivery company to create web-based software that enablescustomers to print shipping labels while at the same time notifying thedelivery company of the need for a pickup. Give one or more examples of thedifferent categories of cash flow that could be included in the cash-flowstream for this proposal.9. Draw thenet cash flow diagram for the following cash flow stream.YearIncomeExpenses0$0$70001$02$1000$10003$2000$10004$4000$20005$5000$25006$6000$30007$3000$15008$2000$09.  Draw the netcash flow diagram for the following situation.YearIncomeExpenses0$0$50001$0$20002$1500$12003$2700$12004$3300$20005$5500$25006$6800$30007$4300$15008$2800$010. Using the question inquestion 4 above, give specific examples of each of the categories of cost showin the below figure 1.1. What is the cost category and how much money was spenton it? Direct laborDirect materialIndirect expensesOperating expensesInvestment-related costsFigure1.1

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