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1. A private sector, not-for-profit hospital received a pled

1. A private sector, not-for-profit hospital received a pled

1. A private sector, not-for-profit hospital received a pledge of $100,000 in 2011, with no purpose restriction. The pledge card indicated that the funds were to be used in 2012. Cash was turned over to the hospital in 2012. The not-for-profit hospital would recognize contribution revenue: (Points : 1)       in 2011.      in 2012.      when the funds are expended.      in either 2011 or 2012, depending on the policy of the hospital.2. Health care organizations that are investor owned for-profit organizations follow F.A.S.B. standards excluding those written specifically for not-for-profits. (Points : 1)       True       False  3. Under N.A.C.U.B.O. guidelines, tuition waivers associated with athletic or academic scholarships should be reported as: (Points : 1)       expenses.      reductions in revenue.      transfers.      None of the above. 4. For hospitals, contractual adjustments to 3rd party payers, such as insurance companies, are recorded with a debit to Contractual Adjustment expense and a credit to accounts receivable. (Points : 1)       True       False  5. Private colleges and universities are required to report net assets within the categories of unrestricted, temporarily restricted and permanently restricted. (Points : 1)       True       False  6. A skilled carpenter repaired the roof for a private not-for-profit free of charge. The not-for-profit would have had to pay $2,000 for this service if not donated. What entry should the not-for-profit make? (Points : 1)       No entries are required for this event.      Improvements $2,000      Building $2,000      Service expense $2,000 7. The financial statements of private not-for-profits are intended primarily for use by present and potential donors. (Points : 1)       True       False  8. According to the National Association of College and Business Officers, scholarship discounts and allowances paid by institutional funds: (Points : 1)       are included in tuition revenue and recorded as an expense.      are not included in tuition revenue but are included as an ‘other source’.      are reported as a reduction of revenue by directly reducing the revenue account or a contra- revenue account.      are reported as an adjustment to tuition revenue in the government-wide statements. 9. Not-for-profit health care entities are distinguished from voluntary health and welfare organizations in the following manner: (Points : 1)       Health care organizations provide health care services, while voluntary health and welfare organizations do not.      Health care organizations use accrual accounting, whereas voluntary health and welfare organizations do not.      Health care organizations are considered to be primarily business-oriented, whereas voluntary health and welfare organizations raise a significant portion of their money from voluntary contributions.      Health care organizations do not provide services to individuals who are unable to pay. 10. A Statement of Functional Expenses, which is required for voluntary health and welfare organizations, presents a matrix of expenses classified by function and by object or natural classification. (Points : 1)       True       False  Time Remaining: need today

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